10 Steps to Detox Your Life In Every Area

detox your life

Are you ready for a weight off your shoulders? Maybe it’s time to declutter your entire life? Let me help you detox your life in all areas, from your body to your physical surroundings, to your mental thoughts. Let’s dig in, shall we?


    1. Cleanse simply.

      Instead of going on a full-on cleanse, I just use products daily so that I’m always getting the bad out of me. I use TerraZyme pills after every meal + a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil in my water to cleanse my body. They help digest my foods so they flow through me a lot easier. They have calmed down my stomach with foods I’m intolerant too as well. Your gut will thank you for trying these out.

    2. Eat less processed foods.

      You will literally feel lighter and more whole. A meal I’ve been loving lately is grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and a sweet potato. I usually grab it from Texas Roadhouse.

    3. Throw away non-essentials.

      In your room, in your car, in your storage, go through EVERYTHING and throw away what you don’t need, what you don’t use, what doesn’t bring goodness to you. If it’s not a hell-yes-you-need-it-in-your-life, then out it goes!

    4. Organize.

      Clean and declutter. Label everything so you know where to find it. In your home, on your computer, in that jammed email, on your phone (ahem, that app that has 30+ unopened notifications). Folders, bins, and filing cabinets are there for a reason!

    5. Breathe.

      We forget to just breathe. Breathing in and out calmly for 5 minutes can decrease your anxiety significantly, help you fall asleep without medication, and helps you realize that it’s just life and it’s not as bad as we think. It helps you to be present and in the moment. To feel grateful and notice your surroundings. Breathe and let out your stress. Breathe and let out the negativity.

    6. Change.

      If what you’re doing isn’t working for you, then maybe it’s time to switch up what you’re doing.

      Are there people or things in your life that aren’t serving your purpose? Are they distracting you? Do they make you feel less than you are? Really listen to what your gut has to say and remove those people from your life.

      If your situation isn’t bring you happiness, what is in your control that you can change? Your job? Where you live? How you react? What you allow?

    7. Detox from work and your worries.

      Schedule time for yourself. Relax. And do what you want to do. As women especially, it’s hard not to feel guilty when we take downtime. But we NEED it to perform at 100% when we are going about our work. When you feel that pang of guilt, say to yourself: “I deserve a break. I deserve to spend time doing what I want to do.”

    8. SLEEP.

      Seriously, it is really cool what happened to me when I started getting enough sleep. I became happier, didn’t eat to fill a void, and I was able to perform at least 80% better with sharper focus. Grab a 20 minute power nap during the day or try going to sleep 30 minutes earlier. Extra rest works wonders on you feeling good.

    9. Turn off the screen.

      You hear this everywhere because it’s true. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. PUT IT DOWN. Most of the reason we feel we aren’t living our “best life” is because we’re comparing it to some chick on Instagram. When I don’t spend tons of time on Instagram, I feel great about my life. When I do spend a lot of time on it, I get down on myself. There’s most definitely a correlation. I’m not saying go dark on social media. I would never do that myself. Just take everything with a grain of salt. Not many share their tear-stained nights or the fights they have with their boyfriends or their piles of debt. Keep that in mind and remember to only look at your grass, not someone else’s.

    10. Have a rebuttal for negative thoughts.

      My boyfriend recently said to me, “you see the bad in a lot of things.” Hard to hear? Yeah. True though? Definitely. I assumed the worse because I was afraid. I would immediately assume this new person I met didn’t like me, or what a little jab at me was this awful, rude stab to my ego. I’m trying to throw it all out by replacing the bad with the good.

      My rebuttal for when I think I look ugly, don’t have this or that, or that I’m failing is: “I have enough.”

      My rebuttal for people thinking badly of me is: “No matter what they think, it only matters what I think, and I think I’m pretty cool.”

Most of all, try not to be so hard on yourself. For sure, strive to grow and become better in every moment, but you don’t need to lose 20 pounds by tomorrow morning or have everything figured out by tonight.

Being patient with yourself, letting things play out, and treating yourself with grace is a great way to detox.




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