11 Non-Cliche Things to Do For a Romantic Valentine’s Date

On a holiday like Valentine’s, you should do something special with your significant other, not just the same old movie and dinner. Here are some fun non-cliche things to do on Valentine’s, whether you want to stay in or go out.

11 Non-Cliche Things to Do For a Romantic Valentine’s Date

For staying in…

Write letters to each other and read them out loud over candlelight dinner at your home

handwritten letter Non-Cliche Things to Do For a Romantic Valentine’s Date

It’s hard to know exactly how to express how you feel about your partner in the moment. Take the time to write it out beforehand, and then read them aloud to each other over dinner. Communicating how you feel and what you admire in them will grow your bond and maybe have you shedding a few tears.

Get fancy and make a fondue spread

fondue Non-Cliche Things to Do For a Romantic Valentine’s Date

Chocolates and cheeses, yes please! Make a little at-home spread and try different combinations of foods. See what you come up with and feel like chefs for the night!

Play the We’re Not Really Strangers card game to get to know each other on a deeper level

Non-Cliche Things to Do For a Romantic Valentine’s Date we're not really strangers

Not for the faint of heart, this game asks questions on different levels to get to know someone and create a meaningful connection. You can keep it light or go deep. Either way, it will be fun to explore these topics together in your safe space, getting to know each other better. You can order the game here.

Build a fort and have a movie marathon of the best romantic movies

Get cozy, get cuddled up, and just watch movie after movie about love. I have a list of my favorite unique romantic movies you should watch here.

For going out…

Visit a planetarium 

There’s something magical about looking at the stars and planets, and since it’s still too cold to star gaze outside, visit a local planetarium and let it take your breath away.

Take a ballroom dance class

Non-Cliche Things to Do For a Romantic Valentine’s Date dancing

The most romantic form of dance, it’s fun to have an excuse to be close to each other in public and learn a few steps together. As someone who has done ballroom dancing in the past, it’s so lovely learning the graceful movements with someone you love.

Drive to a lookout point

Seeing a view with each other is romantic and calming. Bring a bubbly drink and sit in the back of the car with a blanket and a basket of treats.

Ahead of time, pick each other out something for each other to wear in public and at home

Non-Cliche Things to Do For a Romantic Valentine’s Date

Having your person pick out something that they would love to see you in is always an adventure, and sometimes they hit it on the nail, other times they don’t. Try and see what each other comes up with, and then wear it out to your date. You can even go cheap with a visit to Goodwill.

Go to a Jazz club

Jazz music is romantic and easy on the ears. Get into the mood at a jazz club in your town with some bites to eat too.

Book a super cheap flight and get out of town

Just look up what’s the cheapest little getaway and go! Have no plans and see where it will take you. Here’s my favorite travel booking sites I’ve found recently: Use Airfordable to book your tickets and pay them in installments with zero interest or TravelZoo has unbelievable travel deals that also include your hotel for dirt cheap prices.

Have a bonfire for a party of two

At the lake, beach, in the mountains, or just in your backyard, have a fun little bonfire where you make your dinner. Try hot dogs, a hobo dinner, or maybe get fancy with a dutch oven meal. Then finish it off with s’mores.


Having novelty spice up your relationship and date night is a must.

Which idea will you be trying out?


*Images are from Unsplash and We’re Not Really Strangers.


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