11 Things You Need to Add to Your Resolutions List

11 Things You Need to Add to Your Resolutions List

It’s so easy to create a list for the new year that includes getting into shape, going on a trip somewhere awesome, and making more money. These are all great goals, but we forget about the smaller goals that make us better people. Here are some resolutions you probably wouldn’t think of off the top of your head, but are still important.

11 Things to Add to Your Resolutions List

  1. Throw your excuses out the door and just go for it.
  2. Take a picture of every moment you feel truly happy.
  3. Give away your time in your community 5 hours a month using Just Serve.
  4. Stop diminishing yourself. Let your talents shine.
  5. Allow others to help you.
  6. Any time you are stressed or worried, write it down and let it go.
  7. Erase the pattern of negative self-talk. Intentionally choose to talk nicely to yourself everyday.
  8. Live in the moment.
  9. Expect miracles.
  10. Do something by yourself weekly.
  11. When you feel less than happy, write down your feelings and why they are there.

11 Things You Need to Add to Your Resolutions List

Let us have resolutions to be better people. To be kind and patient, to be at peace, and to create a better world for those around us. Remember that being a good person surrounded by loved ones is better than having a lot of money, looking super fit, or traveling the world. For this new year, the sky is really the limit. Don’t let one thing or person or excuse hold you back. You are in charge of your destiny. So create a vision board to see your goals in front of you every day and then go after it. Start with your big goal and list each tiny step it takes to get there. Let’s do this thing!

What resolution are you checking off your list first?




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