12 Pieces for An Easy Transition to Spring

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I stared at my closet this morning completely lost what to wear. It’s warm enough that I don’t need to be bundled and frump-a-schlump, but not warm enough that I can just frolic in dresses. (Anyone else experience this struggle?) So…I compromised. I wore a light sweater and my favorite lace-up sandals. Warm on top, cool on bottom. This will probably be my outfit formula for the next little bit. The transition to spring sometimes is brutal and confusing. Keep scrolling for my top picks to wear for this awkward spring thing we’re experiencing.



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How to Transition to Spring Like a Breeze

  1. Wear warmer layers in springy colors like cream, blue, pink, sage green, yellows.
  2. Pull out your spring clothes but keep your jackets and extra layers out. You’ll feel fresh in your spring clothes while still keeping warm with your winter layers.
  3. Pay attention to what part of you is coldest when you’re outside. Make sure to keep that part the most layered. Then the more warm parts can have some spring flair: like sandals or holey jeans.
  4. Sometimes during the day you’ll be burning up. That’s why layers are always a must until about May, just in case you need some extra warmth when the sun goes down or when the wind blows.
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Layering Outfit Formulas

  • If you want to maintain the look of your figure (instead of looking frumpy):
    • Big jacket + tight dress
    • Big jacket + fitted top + skinny jeans
    • Fitted cropped jacket + loose dress
    • Fitted jacket + loose top + regular jeans
  • If you want to be a little more bohemian:
    • Long cardigan + loose dress
    • Cropped jacket + flowy maxi dress
    • Big cargo jacket + loose top + tight jeans
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How do you dress during the awkward winter/spring transition?




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