2 Things You Should Do to Lose Weight Faster (That Aren’t Diet or Exercise)

2 Things You Should Do to Lose Weight Faster (That Aren't Diet or Exercise)Want to lose weight faster? I do these two things to get slimmer that don’t involve diet or exercise. Seriously. No gimmicks or unhealthy weird tricks.

2 Things You Should Do to Lose Weight Faster

  1. Take fish oil. 4 capsules a day.

    Sounds weird, but let me tell you, I started doing it, and the healthy fats help melt your fat away! You can read up on the health benefits of fish oil, as well as the science behind it here. You can purchase the top rated fish oil on Amazon for $21.

  2. Intermittent fast.

    I do it in a little bit more a doable and healthier way than most others do. I only fast for 12 hours from the last time I eat at night. So if I stopped eating at 10:00 pm, I won’t eat again until 10:00 am the next morning. It’s really not hard, and it keeps you slim and allows you to eat a little bit worse had you not fasted. I’m all about that 😉

Simple as that. Two little changes you can add into your day that will help the stubborn pounds melt away. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve that help you stay slim?


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