The Best Unexpected Love Movies to Watch Right Now

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We have classics like the Notebook and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but I’m here to share the less-thought-about, but amazing, romantic films that give me LIFE. Hopeless romantic is my middle name. I melt for a good romantic movie. These are most of my absolute favorite movies ever, and they are all ones you will want to watch over and over again. Promise.

So get snuggled up and turn on one of these feel-goods. Make sure to comment what you think is missing from this list! I’m always looking for new movies to watch, so share away!



The Wedding Date

unexpected love movies the wedding date i'd rather fight with you than make love with anyone else

Dermot Mulroney & Debra Messing have so much chemistry and fun banter in this underrated romantic comedy.

All of my friends get mad with how often I say they should watch this. 😆 It’s witty, it’s serendipitous. There are so many amazing one-liners and it’s realistic and magical all in one.

Not enough people know about this movie! It’s a hidden gem. Features Albert Brooks (voice of Nemo’s Dad) and Meryl Streep. Brooks’ character dies and goes to a place where he has to defend his life in front of a council. It’s clever and Meryl just makes it so charming.

This is a tale of a woman taking her life into her own hands at a time that such a thought didn’t exist in society. It’s an amazing story of a woman finding her way in a man’s world, and the struggle to choose the right man to be in her life.

I have never felt so many deep emotions watching a movie. It’s vulnerable, it’s raw, it’s hilarious. I mean, Brad Pitt? He literally breaks your heart in this movie and then puts it back together.

  Be still my heart. This classic story is made so beautifully with an amazing score, cast, and cinematography. If you really listen, it’s quite a hilarious script.

unexpected love movies about time rachel mccadams twirling tube subway


A movie I’ve cried to over and over again (and I don’t usually cry.) It’s one of those movies where you leave feeling so much better about your life. It’s a lovely life lesson of a movie.


I actually haven’t seen the older version with Audrey Hepburn. This 90s version with Julia Ormond, Harrison Ford, and Greg Kinnear is just a lovely story of unexpected love in a familiar place.

This relatable, family-oriented comedy makes my heart happy, from the music, the everyday encounters that are life-changing and how Steve Carrell learns how to live his life again in his 40s.

Featuring SJP, Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, & Zooey Deschanel, this funny romance shows the struggle of stubbornness, growing up, and figuring out life, with hilarious characters.

SO many feels in this movie! Michael Fassbender is brooding babetown. One of my favorite stories of all time, showing a plain girl figure out her path as a woman and lover. Watch this drama right now.




If you’re feelin Hugh Jackman since The Greatest Showman, see him younger and super charming in Someone Like You. Also features Ashley Judd as she learns that men suck…until you find the right one.




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