5 Quotes to Keep You Motivated This Week

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and get lost in the grind. What we all need every now and then is some motivating words to set our souls back on fire so we can get out there and hustle. I’m here to help. If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, or just know me personally, you’ll know that quotes are my jam. They really keep me motivated and put things in perspective when I lose sight of the bigger picture. So here we go, 5 quotes to keep you motivated this week. You can do it!


1. Nothing is stopping you but yourself.

quotes to keep you motivated

There’s a lot being said here that rings so true. This hit home for me as I wrote it. We don’t always have all of the answers or the clearest direction, and that’s okay, we just have to keep going even in the unknown murky waters. Eventually, we’ll get out of the funk and the fog will clear. It’s the pushing through that makes the difference.


2. Everything you have right now is enough.

quotes to keep you motivated

Everyday, I’m reminding myself that I am enough, I am strong enough, and that I have enough. We can’t wait for tomorrow to feel good about where we are. We can choose to feel where we are is enough today.


3. Peace isn’t found from an external source.

quotes to keep you motivated

The next best diet, the next best car, the cute new dress, the better-looking guy. SCRATCH that stuff. Read that previous quote again. What you have is enough. So be grateful for all that you have in this moment and feel the peace set in.


4. Don’t allow your mistakes to hold you back.

From What You Need to Know About Failures

I recently wrote a post about this quote. It really helped a lot of people and that warmed my heart. It’s helped me too. Being more forgiving of yourself and your mistakes is the pathway to success. Sounds counter-intuitive, but if you stop every time you mess up, will you ever get to your goal?


5. Everything that you want is outside of your comfort zone.

quotes to keep you motivated

You are on a cliff, staring down at the future, the possibilities before you. You look behind you, and it’s flat, it’s been traveled before. It’s comfy. But there’s nothing good coming from behind you. All the good is before you, all of your dreams, and endless opportunities, are down there after the leap. Have a little faith and make the jump. It will be worth it.

Do you have any quotes to keep you motivated?

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