5 Things I’ve Learned in May

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After what seems a crazy couple months, the dust has settled, and now I’m taking inventory of what I’ve learned. It’s a long journey, ain’t it? I love learning and changing. That’s what keeps it exciting. 😊natural light couch shoot

1. When everything falls apart, and then continues to snowball, it’s time to question it.

In a two week period, my wallet was stolen, I got super sick for about 10 days, got in a car wreck with some awful whiplash, got sick again, my car was totaled (2 months after buying it), my old car (which I hadn’t sold yet) completely died when I went to use it again so I had to get a new battery, I sprained my foot and could barely walk, I locked my keys in my car, I got a new car (yay) then got a huge crack in it after a rock hit my windshield…..it just seemed like it was not. going. to. stop.
I started taking inventory of my life to see if God/the Universe was trying to tell me something. The second I scanned over my life, I knew what it was. I was continuously making a bad choice that wasn’t good for me. It had changed who I was and how I wanted to live my life. It took me another few weeks, but finally, I let that “disease” out of my life. Everything is looking up! More than that though, I feel peace.
Sometimes crap happens, and there’s no explanation. Other times, it might be a wake up call.


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2. Having self-respect is nothing to feel sorry for.

 I started feeling bad for cutting people out of my life because they weren’t bringing goodness to it. To move forward, we will have to cut out people from our lives. I love this quote, “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”

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3. Trust your gut.

I mull over decisions forEVER. I’ve annoyed myself and a lot of my friends. What I’ve discovered is when you’ve got the gut feeling that it’s right, do it. Don’t second-guess your gut. It’s usually never wrong.


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4. Kindness is underrated.

In a world full of cynicism, kindness creates such an impact. I’ve found that when I’ve learned to be more patient and happy with strangers, they appreciate it and throw kindness back to you. Then you want to share it more and then you create a ripple effect! 💚 Let’s throw it around like confetti.

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5. Keep on truckin’.

You didn’t get this far to give up. If you’re lacking in motivation, read some inspirational quotes or speak affirmations. It will always get better, I promise. Take a deep breath, and tackle that grind.
“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”

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Tunic: Amelia Styles | Jeans: Forever 21 | Hat: Gigi Pip | Backpack: VauvaPhotos by Kayla Bertagnolli


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