6 More Weeks of Winter

wind blowing in the air winter look
boho winter plaid look
boho winter plaid look
wanderlust provo utah
exploring provo canyon
emma wide brim hat gigi pip

You heard it here, folks. Six more stinkin’ weeks of winter. Punxatawney Phil is making a lot of us groan today. As pretty as the mountains look, my cousin and I were slip ‘n sliding all over the ice and the wind was about to blow us over as we took these pictures. You can hear everyone around these parts in Utah saying, “please spring, come soon.”

As we all dream of cherry blossom trees, let’s soak up the last moments of the winter wonderland. Sled in the snow, cuddle up with your favorite people and watch a hilarious flick, make a blanket fort, have a bonfire, make cookies, and cherish each little moment.

Tonight, I’ll be getting some hot chocolate and watching Groundhog Day with my gals. Cause obviously you have to on this holiday.

How do you feel about the winter staying with us a little bit longer?

Hat: Gigi Pip | Necklace: Amazon | Top: Hot Commodesty (similar) | Jacket: Humble Hilo (similar)


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