7 Signs You’re Resisting Change

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No one became successful by staying the way they are. That’s the truth. That’s where change comes in. Growth, learning, and stretching yourself. I’ve come to realize so many of us resist change, even when it’s the best thing for us. Take a look at these signs, get brutally honest with yourself, and see if you are resisting change in your life.



You don’t want to hear what people have to say to you

Hearing criticism is never fun. Sometimes I even want to do the opposite of what people tell me because it sets me off so much. If we can take our emotions out of the constructive criticism and focus on what the person’s intent is, along with the words they’re saying, we might realize that they might be right. They might just be looking out for us and want the best for us. Even if what they say is totally wrong for you, give them the respect of actually listening to what they have to say and taking a bit of time to consider it.


You feel stuck

Does it seem like everything has plateaued for you? You feel like you’re in an idle car with no steering wheel and no gas. It seems you’ve run out of options and you really just want to throw your hands up. Everything is an uphill battle. This is the moment where you have to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time to look within and see what you need to change about your life, whether that’s your job, your relationship, your attitude, your purpose. Or maybe you’re resisting the challenges happening to you. You can get unstuck, and it doesn’t involve an Eat Pray Love journey. It just takes some time to work out the kinks in your life, and allowing the bad things to change you for good.


You keep making excuses

When you get the opportunity, you’ll make the leap. If you had everything set up then you’d go for it. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is start before you’re ready. It’s never going to be the right moment or the right time, so if you really want something, you will have to push past all of your if’s, and’s, and but’s to get it. Don’t get comfortable in your excuses.


You find yourself saying “I know” a lot

“I know I should do this.” “I know what you’re saying.” “I already know what to do.” Okay, but do you? If you say “I know” without fixing the problem, then what do you know? If you apologize, but continue to do the same thing over and over, are you actually sorry? Stick to your word and do something about it.


You’re avoiding down time

You keep busying yourself so you don’t have to sit down and actually deal with your problems and the fact that you might have to do some self-healing, self-discovery, and make some serious changes to move forward. The avoidance and denial will catch up to you, so it’s better to deal with it now. Sit on your bed or sit on your floor and really reflect on what needs to change in your life.


You put the blame on others

“This person did this to me, and now I am this way because of them.” It’s easy to fall into the victim trap and let everyone else take the blame for the way your life is. For sure, people have done bad things to you, and perhaps they screwed you over. I’ve been there. You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can always control how you react. No one has ruined your life unless you let them. No one has that kind of power unless you give it to them. Take responsibility for your life and your choices. Decide to get back up after you’ve been dealt a blow.


You’re being prideful

The biggest reason you might be resisting change is that you think you don’t need to. If you think everyone else needs to change but you, take a loooong look in the mirror. If everyone else is wrong and you’re right, then you have the wrong perspective, and you need to be careful. Change is good. Hard, but good. And it is the only way you can really progress. Humble yourself and allow change to help you grow. Think of what you could become.


Did any of these hit home for you? Believe me, some hit home for me too. And that’s okay! Stop pushing against your challenges because they are here to change you. I hope you can find the strength to embark on your journey of growth!


Signs You're Resisting Change
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7 Signs You're Resisting Change


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