7 Ways to Immediately Get Out of Your Winter Funk

It’s that time of year where the holiday fun has worn off and the dreary days where it seems there’s nothing to look forward to, sink in. Feeling restless? We call that the winter funk. Your feed is overflowing with envy-inducing travel photos, and you feel like you must escape, but you can’t. What do you do? Here’s 7 tips on how to beat that restless cabin fever feeling without spending tons of money.
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1. Try something new around you.

Have you seen the latest exhibit at the art museum? Or explored that rooftop or country club? What about that kickboxing studio? Or pottery class? Do something out of the ordinary for you.

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2. Create sunshine.

Ain’t no sunshine? Create it! Make a piña colada. Play some beachy tunes. Put some self-tanner on. Invite friends over and have a taco party while you soak up the rays. It will instantly lift your spirits.

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3. Find a cool spot an hour or two away from home to visit.

You can spare a little bit of time, right? Find a novel place and just go this weekend. Even if you’re alone. Exploring alone isn’t as lonely as you think. That alone time allows you to ponder your life and where it’s going. It also allows your creative juices to start flowing.

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4. Take out your bucket list and complete one item on it.

And if you don’t have a bucket list, get cracking on it! It feels so good to accomplish a lifelong goal. Why not do it now?

Here’s some fun ideas if you’ve got none:

  • Pick a random place on the map with your eyes closed and go there.
  • Ask a stranger out.
  • Worry about absolutely nothing for one day.
  • Try a new hair color.
  • Watch the sunrise.


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5. Go work out.

It’ll get you in an instant better mood and you’ll feel so accomplished. Plus, your body will get stronger and you’ll feel hotter. Confidence booster, guaranteed. Here’s an at-home workout I love doing.

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6. Do some service in your community.

Help out in a kitchen or food bank. I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities near by.  Check out JustServe for all of your nearby service projects going on in your community. (There’s some really fun ones on there!) Serving others helps you gain new perspective and appreciation for what you do have.

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7. Turn off social media.

Sometimes it seems like everyone else is living the best life ever except you. FAR from the truth. Social media has basically become comparison media, where you exit out of the app feeling horrible about your life. Check social media every once in a while for a minute or two, and then turn. it. off. You’ve got a life to live, and it shouldn’t be lived looking at other people’s “lives” for hours on end on a screen.


Spring is on its way. We’ve just gotta hold out for a couple more months.


How do YOU enjoy the winter months?


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