8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Self Esteem

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Having good self esteem has innumerable benefits for your life. From showing up in your career and relationships in a bigger way, setting boundaries, not being afraid to ask for what you deserve, whom you allow into your life, the risks you take, and honestly, just about every aspect of your life. Without self-confidence, you can enter into unhealthy relationships, live an average life that doesn’t excite you, underperform, stay within your comfort zone, and fall short of your beautiful potential. I don’t want that for you, and that’s why I’m sharing 8 easy ways to increase your self esteem that I’ve personally used to boost my own confidence.

With a little work and consistency, over time, using these simple methods, your self esteem will increase, and your outlook on life will become even better. Let’s dive in!

8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Self Esteem

1. Make a list of things you’re good at.

Take out your journal or a notepad and write a list of things you’re good at or things you enjoy doing. Not only does this reaffirm how talented and capable you are, but it also lets you know what you should be doing more of! Taking the time to do things you excel at or really love doing on a weekly basis are great ways to feel better about yourself.

Then, refer back to this list often to keep reminding yourself of your capabilities and the things that excite you. This will help remove you out of a slump.

2. Create something you’re proud of.

Using the list you made above full of things you’re good at, create something! Finishing a task or a project that’s just for you will boost your self esteem because you finished something. You created the idea, made it with your own mind/hands, and now have it as tangible evidence that you can produce works of wonder! Accomplishing one thing builds momentum and confidence to help you keep doing more things that you love!

Try something on this list to spark some creativity:

  • Draw a character
  • Write a story
  • Paint a canvas
  • Invent a useful hack
  • Create a website
  • Record a video
  • Sing a song
  • Host a party
  • DIY some furniture

3. Practice Self-Compassion.

Low self esteem lives within you. Although it may have been taught or gained by outside sources, the insecurities now live within your body and your mind. The good news is, you can fix it! This starts by working on being kinder to yourself. Therefore, when you have harsh self-criticisms and judgments rising in your mind, instead of letting it cause you to spiral, let the judgment say its peace. Secondly, refute the judgment with a compassionate reply (like you would when you’re speaking to a friend), and then let the judgment go.

For example, if the criticism in your mind is saying “I never get anything right,” you can first reply with something like, “It’s impossible for me to get everything right all of the time, but there are a lot of moments I have gotten it right.” Secondly, proceed to think of the times you’ve succeeded. Finally, reassure yourself: “Even if I mess up again, it’s okay.”

Practicing self compassion involves reminding yourself that you’re human, that you aren’t Wonder Woman or SuperMan, and that you acknowledge you will make mistakes, and you will fall, and you will prevail. Truly speak to yourself like you would a friend, giving grace, offering support, and responding with empathy.

4. Shift your insecurities into positive beliefs through journaling and tapping.

Journaling is a great way to get all of the mess in your head out on to the page. This will literally free your mind from the loops running around in your head. Next, you can make sense of what insecurities and issues are coming up, and possibly work through solutions or write reassuring replies to them. I made a guided journal all about letting go of limiting beliefs. You can get it for $12 here on my site or on Etsy.

After you have journaled and are aware of your insecurities, you can work through them in an easy, guided way called EFT Tapping. EFT stands for emotional freedom technique. To summarize, doing tapping calms your system, reduces stress, and is easier than meditation, in my opinion. The changes happen quicker. Try the video below as you are guided through tapping and speaking on increasing your self esteem in a gentle, loving way.

5. Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished in your life.

Write in your journal all of the big and small things you’ve accomplished and completed in your life, from graduating, to receiving an award, to standing up for yourself; write it all out and appreciate just how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished!

I recently put together a portfolio of all of my work I had done in creative direction. Having years of my work organized in one space made me feel so proud! I felt strengthened by the amount of work I had completed. I remembered much I love creating, working with teams, and pulling off a vision! It’s easy to forget how much we’ve done in our lives without a list right in front of us. Take the time to write out everything you’ve accomplished, and even gather some of your work or memories from those projects.

6. Start wearing clothes you feel amazing in.

Wearing clothes that feel comfortable, that you feel hot to trot in, and that exemplify your personality will 100% change how you feel about yourself on a day-to-day basis. Eliminate anything from your closet you hate or never wear and only wear clothes you *love*! In addition, choose your outfit the night before so that you can wake up in the mornings and not have to think about your clothes. You get to throw them on and feel fresh and gorgeous! Your productivity will soar, you’ll feel more confident, and you’ll take yourself more seriously.

7. Dance when you wake up every morning.

If this sounds a little weird, it’s okay! Just imagine waking up every morning, throwing on a song that you love and dancing to start your day. That’s like having a private party every morning to celebrate being alive, being you, and feeling good! One of my favorite songs to dance to is “Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige. Moving your body creates momentum to get your day going, gets blood rushing through your veins, and helps you take up more space (literally) as you dance around your room. A little bit of healing happens every day that you do this, I promise.

8. Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to eliminate negative self talk.

Last but not least, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a proven method many therapists use to help you sort through your negative thoughts and eradicate them. I’ve used the monthly program, Joyable, to help me work through spiraling thoughts and moments of anxiety. CBT helps you identify fact from opinion, truth from anxiety-ridden false realities, and helps you work through situations realistically in your mind. Having CBT skills truly transforms your everyday life and how you see yourself.

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Most of all, increasing your self esteem means removing harsh self-judgment and learning to be kinder to yourself. You may have to battle against your ego to believe you can have love and compassion for yourself. Trust me, it is worth it and you DO deserve it!

I hope this article has helped you find some methods to increase your self esteem. Becoming confident in yourself isn’t out of the question. It just takes some time, simple steps, and belief that you deserve more. Start making a few changes today and see what a huge difference it will make for you!

For more guidance, grab my Guided Journal on letting go of what other people think of you and limiting beliefs.


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