9 Exciting & Fresh Activities for Deepening Your Relationships

9 Exciting & Fresh Activities for Deepening Your RelationshipsAs the world feels so separated, there’s never been a better and more important time to focus on how we can deepen connections. Whether you’re doing it over zoom or gathering with others in person, you can get closer. Here are some fun activities for deepening the relationships in your life.

Make sure to let go of expectations, release judgement and just go into it with the sole purpose of understanding your people on a deeper level.

9 Exciting & Fresh Activities for Deepening Your Relationships

  1. We’re Not Really Strangers

    activities for deepening relationships we're not really strangers
    I personally own this one, and can say after playing it with a friend, we were 20 times closer and felt more connected. We’re Not Really Strangers has 3 levels as you play to get deeper and deeper. You can play it with one person, or up to 6 people.

  2. 52 Lists for Togetherness

    Activities for Deepening Your Relationships 52 lists for togetherness
    Here’s another I personally own. This journal is great to use on your own for self-reflection or to fill out/answer together. It gives suggestions for you to connect deeper with your loved ones.

  3. The Box of Emotions

    Helping someone identify their feelings and talk through them is a definite recipe for growing closer together. For a friend that’s going through something, you could take this over and help them identify where they are at and then let them vent.

  4. Just Between Us Conversation Cards

    A game of questions to go beyond the chit chat. Hallelujah! These are fun ones that don’t get asked often, but stay out of going super deep.

  5. Do You Remember? 50 Questions to Share Memories

    Perfect for old friends, this deck of cards will have you reflecting on the old times and is sure to bring some laughs and sighs for the good ol days.

  6. Better Together Inspirational Cards

    Better together. Just like the Jack Johnson song. 🙂 In this deck of cards, there are 52 different challenges you can do to spread love and kindness and connect with others.

  7. Spark Family Fun

    Here’s some actionable family fun that you can just pick a match, and go light it up with the activity it tells you to do with your people.

  8. Little Somethings Card Set

    This is perfect to give to someone as you say goodbye. Or you can just drop off a card to let them know how important they are to you. This type of gesture could spark more conversations, have them writing back to you, telling you how they feel, and mending some wounds.

  9. Let’s Get Deep Card Set

    Vulnerability be gone! Start out cool with ice breakers, then get down to it and really get into your feels with this game.

Shop All 9 Activities:

Activities for Deepening Your Relationships

In addition, a lot of these activities center around questions, so you could be doing mindless activities as well to take the pressure off. Try piecing together a puzzle, putting on face masks, playing a matching game, coloring in an adult coloring book, or organizing a part of your house. I’ve linked some fun options below:

Mindless Things to Do, Too


In conclusion, connecting with others on a real level, past the “how are you” is SO good and different and needed. Once you’re done with the games and connecting, give each other a hug and maybe turn on some tunes and dance. Celebrate your moments together! Cherish them and let them know how you feel about them.

I hope you use some of these activities to get closer to people in your life. Sending love!


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