Are You Diminishing Yourself? Here’s 5 Things to Do to Stop

Are You Dimming Your Light? Here's 5 Things to Do to Stop

I realized that for so long I have been diminishing who I am so that others wouldn’t feel bad or because I “should” be doing “this” because that’s what’s expected of me. And it made me realize that it was time to de-shackle all of the “shoulds,” the shame, and the sacrifices, and let myself be what feels absolutely best for me. Are you diminishing yourself? Downplaying how downright amazing you are? Let’s make that all stop right here.

Signs You Are Dimming Your Light:

  • Feeling stifled
  • Your intuition is knocking yet you keep putting it off
  • Letting others shine, so you dim your light
  • Worrying what others will think or say, so you downplay yourself and allow only a politically correct, widely accepted, filtered, watered-down version of yourself. 
Are You Dimming Your Light? Here's 5 Things to Do to Stop diminishing yourself
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Do any of these sound like you? I’ve been the stifled, the downplayed, the diminished, the underdog because I allowed myself to. It’s the easier route sometimes. Please the people, don’t ruffle any feathers or start any fights. But after a while, you can feel a friction. If you’re tuning into your body and your intuition, then you’ll know that you aren’t really being your truest self.

How to stop diminishing yourself 

  1. Figure out who you are

    That’s pretty dang loaded. Who you are isn’t summed up in a sentence and it isn’t discovered in a month. It takes lots of time. But you can start by figuring out what it is that you want, what you believe, what matters most to you, and why you keep getting up in the morning. 

  2.  Listen

    Listen to your body, to your feelings, to your urges. They all are telling you something, but are you listening? If you listen, you’ll be led to exactly what you need.

  3. Question

    Question why. From others and from yourself. Why things aren’t working, why things are always done a certain way. Your answers are within you.

  4. Act

    Act on your impulses. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t do it. If you feel like going off schedule to try something, follow your gut. Listen to your gut and act on it.

  5. Allow yourself the space to shine

    Shining doesn’t mean you have to shine in front of a huge crowd (unless you want it to). Shining means being the absolute best version of yourself. Diminishing yourself so others can shine does no one any good. We should all have room to shine. Room to flourish and sprout into our fullest potential. So give yourself that space. Sometimes that means distancing yourself from bad habits or unnecessary relationships or tasks. Above all, it means stepping into the scary, uncharted waters of glory that await you for being your highest self. Give yourself permission to go there and show up and be absolutely stunning, shining in all of your talent and authenticity.


Honey, ain’t nobody gonna let you play small unless you let them. Your playing small is not in the cards for you. So own what you got. Give it everything. And shine.

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