be careful, it’s delicate.

 Don’t you love my tan line on my nose?
 Shoes were not important here.
{tee-old navy, skirt-forever 21 diy}
 I felt like a goddess in this little getup. The skirt was actually a $10 maxi dress from Forever 21 that I cut off to make into a skirt. And I love it! I’ve always loved this mint color. As I came downstairs my mom asked, “Does that shirt go with that?” Why, of course it does! I love the mix of pastels together. So refreshing and light. The skirt gets wrinkled super easy, only complaint.
What’s on my head? They call it the milk maid braid. And they as in the ladies of The Beauty Department. {one of them being Lauren Conrad} The Beauty Department is a blog I came across that gives tips and tutorials for makeup, hair, face, etc. I love the blog! Very neat. I tried out the Milk Maid Braid. Didn’t do so perfectly as they did, but sufficient enough.
New York…best time ever! Pictures coming. Not that they’re any amazing-ness. I’m planning on moving there actually once I’m done with college or something. 😉 I totally just loved the vibe there. What did my two aunts, my cousin, and I do while we were there? Shop and eat ,shop and eat. And that’s the best place to do so. I gained a good {well-worth it} pounds. I got some cute clothes. {orange and purple pants…} It’s so crazy and high maintenance there, but I love it! Once I got back, I’ve been working out {which I’ve never steadily done in my life before, so my body freaked out and went back to my weight before New York. yay!} and having been eating fairly well.
Now I’m off to Oklahoma for the weekend where I’ll hang with some family and catch up with my dearest friend who moved there in December.

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  1. You. Look. Precious. As usual! I love how you reworked that dress and the color is perfect. I've been obsessed with mint for far too long now. And the milk maid braids are completely darling! I love The Beauty Department, but I haven't been keeping up with it. I'll definitely have to try that tutorial but most of the time my hair is so thick that the braids turn out quite short and I can't wrap them around.

    I'm so glad you had fun in New York! xo