My Weekend Trip to SoCal



The past couple weeks of busyness with my family and traveling have sent me spinning. Will I ever catch up? {maybe} I’m sharing a few photos from my weekend trip to California last weekend with my family. It was so relaxed and fun. I’m wanting to go on a weekend road trip every weekend now, since I did for the 4th weekend as well up in the mountains. It’s so good to escape breathe, ponder my path, and explore. Where will you be traveling? Go on a road trip, last minute, with no plans, no expectations and see where it takes you.

My beach essentials: cute sandals, a hat, an easy read, and sunnies.
 My cute sis-in-law in front of this VW bus we wanted to hijack and trek cross-country in.
 My sweet {and super cute} friend, London, and I after church on Sunday. Every day was a party with food, tons of games, and dancing. One night, I was told I even danced {and talked} in my sleep.
Again my hott sis-in-law, Catherine {who takes a lot of my pics} looking all cute & tribal on the beach.
Brunch {we went twice} at Mother’s Market, one of my favorite places in Cali.
Where I could have stayed for eternity! My cute suit is from Lime Ricki!
To travel is to live! Where to next? I’m working on my next escape.
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