Beauty & the Bell Sleeve

It was fun having a conversation with my momma the other day about how the bell sleeve trend is back “in.” She grew up in the 70s and she said, “Those bell sleeves and bell bottoms were all the rage. You are literally wearing a shirt I used to wear.” Funny how it all comes back, ain’t it?

Have you seen the new Beauty & the Beast yet? That’s what inspired me to name this post Beauty & the Bell Sleeve. Bell sleeves are feminine and seem to have some princess charm to them, right? If you have seen the movie, tell me your thoughts below! (I guess you can’t spoil too much of it, since it’s the same basic story.) 😉

Floral Bell Sleeve TopTortoise Shell SunglassesRipped Jeans | Lace Up Sandals

How do you feel about bell sleeves?


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