Better Than It Seems

Yeah, I’m never wearing anything this short again. I just feel uncomfortable, and look..big.
Photos by Leslie. Styled by Leslie.
Top: Vintage
Skirt: Downtown Tucson Shop
Shoes: Steve Madden
(all clothes are mine)
I usually don’t wear short stuff. My legs look fine. I guess the top half is just unflattering on me. But I love how Leslie put this together by just different colors. The skirt as a jewel tone, the button up (or is it button down?) as a neutral, and the shoes as a neutral.
So, since I’ll be in Las Vegas for my birthday next week, I’m a having a belated birthday party for my friends and I. We will be vintage shopping and getting ready for 
I wonder if any bloggers are coming to it? Hopefully! But it’s the first ever and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
We plan to go on Wednesday, hit the sales on Friday, and the best part! The runway shows on Saturday! We might possibly go Thursday but we’re not sure.
I’m so excited though!! Hopefully I’ll get a better camera by then to take some sweet pictures.

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  1. Okay first, let's just get it out of the way that you are NOT big. Nor do you even look big at all!

    I think you look fantastic. I understand feeling uncomfortable, so I agree with The Frocker's comment about maybe wearing tights or leggings.

    That skirt really is fabulous and I need those shoes! I like this outfit a lot!

  2. You look really great in the outfit hun…I guess you better work more with self-confidence because you are as gorgeous as all the models out there…If I had that height at the age of 14…I will surely die of happiness and you have a great body…matched with a perfect flawless face…so GO FOR IT!!!!

    You actually looked fine…maybe positioning yourself in a more relaxed angle….