Body Love with Lime Ricki

modest swimsuits all body types

I love any company that is all about body positivity. Enter Lime Ricki. Their mission is for every woman to feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit. They celebrate every woman’s body, no matter what stage of life they’re in.

Doing this shoot with such amazing women really taught me to love myself. To be honest, it ain’t easy looking at these pictures of myself. It seems my eye goes straight to the imperfections: the cottage cheese, the rolls, whatever. Then, I had a good talkin-to with myself. I apologized to myself for shaming my strong, capable body. I let go of my need to be perfect, and realized how much fun I had on the beach that day. And THAT is what matters. It’s time to re-train our eyes to see the beauty first, rather than the imperfections.

Fun fact: I’ve been blessed to be a part of the company for over 2 years! I manage their Salt Lake City store and I have loved every minute of it!

navy peplum tankini saltaire

black zipper one piece lime ricki
confidence in swim suits lime ricki
navy peplum lime ricki
navy peplum on different body types lime ricki
running on beach black one piece lime ricki
get in the water lime ricki
summer 2017 navy peplum lime ricki
friends on the beach lime ricki
confident in a swimsuit lime ricki
for every body lime ricki
Photography by Hunter K. Fowler
Here’s the commercial we did as well that aired in Utah. 💦
Do yourself a favor and go check out Lime Ricki’s high quality, gorgeous suits.
(This one is my personal fave.)

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