Candy Coated Promise

(dress-Forever 21, shoes-Jean-Michel Cazabat, clutch-Tucker Paisley via Bad Joan, necklace-gifted)

Finally put my mom’s never-used-anymore tripod to use. I got this clutch (it’s actually a makeup bag but who’s telling?) from Bad Joan for a sweet price and I love the purple color. I love Bad Joan! These shoes I knew I had to get because look at the wedge part, spectacular! And also I could see Jacqueline from Fashion Snag wearing them for some reason and she has all of the coolest designer clothes and shoes! Oh you should see her shoes!
Simple outfit, love all of it! I smiled because everybody seemed to like that more.

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My shopping experience in Arizona:

So, if you didn’t know I have been on the hunt for a short sleeved maxi dress that was under $100. And I finally found one at Forever 21 for $20!! 🙂 I was so excited. It was also very refreshing to be at F21 in Phoenix since the mall that had it got flooded in the infamous Nashville flood. So then, while in Arizona, my dad and I drove up to Scottsdale and went to the amazing Fashion mall there. Three stories, amazing food, all the stores I love. I was in heaven. We were there for seven hours. He was a trooper. 

We had to drop by Neiman Marcus where I immediately went to the shoe clearance section and promptly started trying on shoes. I just loved trying on Prada, Chanel, and all these different designer shoes when suddenly I happened on the ones I’m wearing. They were half off (better price than here) and my dad liked them so we got them! I was psyched. We also bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs tunic I had loved from the start and it was also on sale. Everything we bought that day was on sale. Nothing better, right? While trying on the Chanel shoes, I saw that they have amazing sneakers! Would’ve totally gotten them if they weren’t about $400. Sheesh. More of what I got while in Arizona will be coming soon.

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  1. I discovered Bad Joan last summer! I love the online store- so many unique clothes

    also, i've been on the hunt for a black maxi dress such as yours! you look beautiful 🙂

  2. dang girl, you look beautiful, reminds me of how simple and chic the frenchies dress, you are one stunning lady :)), happy weekend darling!!! XOXO
    PS: keep on posting!!!, xoxo

  3. you look gorgeous!!! taking pictures of yourself is a lame thing but what can we do…if no one can do it for us a tripod is always our bestfriend…

    love the plain black dress and the wedges…simple but it made a great statement…

    take care love

  4. those shoes are fantastic! i mean i can't get over the sort of hidden detail of the ink like drawings – far away you can't see them at all, but its totally worth getting up close to look at

    i saw that you recently commented on 'le blog de mok's' post: kiss from a rose – where she's wearing a flower headband. i thought i'd share you with a similar DIY project i did: