the only thing i’m intimidated by is you

The ones from outside are from last Tuesday. My friend Kelsey (on the swing) took them. FYI, so not my style in the purple dress. She just threw it at me and told me to wear it. So, yes it’s very plain and not my style necessarily.
1. Me in Kelsey’s backyard. Two days after the flood. It was burning up.
2. Sitting at my computer. What am I reading? We had absolutely nothing to do. All the roads were blocked.
3. Look at #1.
4. Random picture in Kelsey’s shades before seeing my dad’s flooded car. (Jacket & Shirt F21)
5. Flowers in Kelsey’s backyard.
6. Kelsey. On her swing.
7. My heels via that I wore in the other pictures.


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  1. These pics are so happy and peaceful. I find that when people we love do our photo shoots, there is so much more soul to it, right?

    Are you alright considering one of the worst storms ever? I heard a lot of buzz about it but nothing specific.

    Take care and thanks for coming to visit me and telling me about Jizz. The girls seemed to hear my plea and I have some DW on it's way to me soon:) yay!!


  2. Yes, I see what you mean about the pictures. There is more soul to them that way.

    Yeah, it was pretty insane! Two and a half days of complete dull, grayness. The thunder was so loud. I was staying with Kelsey and we didn't know any serious flooding was going on. And then we heard the news and saw the pictures.

    You're quite welcome. You have a nice blog. It's different. I like it. 🙂