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This is what we call a randomness post to make up for my lack of any posts.

(jacket-Twelve by Twelve, top-Forever 21, leggings-Kohl’s)
Lounging around the house. Not supposed to be stylistically inclined or anything.
and for pure embarrassment:
This is me singing in Bye Bye Birdie. I was Mrs. Macafee. I have an awfully big mouth.

(via sunrainey)

What is everyone’s thoughts on the calf length skirts and dresses seen for fall? Would you really wear them? Do you think tons of people will wear them?

(via fashiongonerogue)
Sexy Motherpucker. (Everyone gets offended when I say that? I don’t cuss.) I hope to one day have lips like these.

Seriously? School starts on Friday. I loathe school. And not in the way everyone hates it but like I dread going back to school because I hate it so much. Luckily, on Saturday, I’m going to my brother’s wedding out west, so I’ll miss a few days of school! And you’ll get to see some wedding pictures. I know I’ve been slackin. NO MORE.

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  1. Your outfit is so cute, I love how you pair the vibrant print with that long jacket, and I wish I could sing, alas, my talent apparently doesn't lie there :)), I love LV's calf length skirts and dresses, I think it is more lady like and so feminine, to avoid looking the same as everybody, I think the key is the accessories :), and I hope your first day in school will turn alright and I can't wait to see the wedding pics, enjoy your day sweetie :)), XOXO

  2. I love your outfit! That top is adorable. And the Bye Bye Birdie picture is purely awesome. I'm so envious! I could never perform on stage. It also doesn't help that I can't sing, can't act and can't dance. ("The triple threat." I've watched Singin' in the Rain one too many times.) Crazy about the LV collection. I can see the calf length catching on. I'd wear it, definitely. Also, the patterns/colors from that collection are my favorite thing since ever. (:

  3. I love the outfit and your smile dear…the blazer plus the floral top…just lovely and suits you!!!!

    Is that really you singing???

    wow…you do not look ugly…even acting and singing and being caught in camera like that…you look so gorgeous!!!

    you are beautiful don't you know that??? that smile is just priceless!!!

    take care love