Found: The Most Flattering Jeans Under $35

Found: The Most Flattering Jeans Under $35 forever 21

I’m always on the quest to find the best jeans that have the right amount of stretch, are high waisted and make you look like a dang queen! And I found them!! After thinking I needed to splurge on some Agolde or other designer brands, I consulted my closet and realized I have a lot of Forever 21 jeans that I truly love. So I thought I truly had nothing to lose, and purchased a pair from Forever 21. Enter the most flattering jeans under $35.

Man, was I surprised and blown away by how awesome these jeans are (see photo above)!

  • I looked about 5 pounds skinnier
  • It had perfect stretch so I could actually move
  • They were high waisted to perfection

I got these a few weeks ago, and it might take the authorities pulling them off my dead body to stop wearing them. That is how good these jeans are! And for less than $35 a pair? I might get a few just for safe keeping!I wanted to share because I’ve met many a girl on the lookout too, just to splurge on a pair of Madewell jeans they are extremely disappointed in and out $100. Give these perfect jeans a go, and never look back, while saving yourself $$$$.

Get you a pair, girl!


Found: The Most Flattering Jeans Under $35 forever 21
Get the Whole Look

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