Get to the Bottom of Your Health Problems At Home

Get to the Bottom of Your Health Problems At Home

My absence in 2019 was a large gaping hole. Not just a few weeks, but almost the entire year. I lost a lot of who I was this year. It’s been absolute hell. I’ve lost motivation, I’ve felt hopeless every single day, and I haven’t wanted to continue on. I really started fearing for my health as I started gaining weight out of nowhere. A few pounds was fine, but once I realized I had gained 3o pounds in just a few months, I was wondering what was up. Then my mood never got better. I definitely had dealt with some depression, but this seemed like a whole other ball of wax. Then I realized it might have something to do with my hormones. I felt it was time to get to the bottom of my health problems at home.

I started looking up ways I could test my hormones, and just a few days later, Let’sGetChecked reached out to me to try any of their at-home tests. It was meant to be!! I could finally get to the bottom of my hormones without seeing a doctor, yay!

They have tests where you can check for STDs, Fertility tests, Ovarian Egg reserves, Female & Male Hormones, Testosterone, Diabetes, Celiac, Cholesterol, Cortisol, Vitamins, and many more. It’s amazing how many they offer!

I did my test on my Thyroid to see if I was having problems there. I was pretty convinced I did because I had a lot of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

It was a pretty simple process:

  1. Open the kit.
  2. Activate it online.
  3. Read the instructions.
  4. Prick your finger until it fills the test tube.
  5. Package up your tube in the prepaid labeled package and send it on its way.
  6. A few days later, they email you your results.

The Results:

My results came back completely normal! Everything was in the normal range.  I was relieved and also intrigued. Hypothyroidism could be checked that off the list, but now it’s time to figure out the root cause. Next, I am going to move on to their Vitamins home test next to see if I’m highly deficient in one of them.

Use MCK20 for 20% off your purchase at Let’sGetChecked.

Though I haven’t completely gotten to the bottom of my health problems quite yet, I’m so glad I was able to cost-effectively start out on the journey, by trying Let’sGetChecked. It was a seamless process and I look forward to trying out more of their tests.


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*I received this at-home test in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.


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