Girl Talk: Period Essentials for the No-Fuss Girl

period essentials

You start getting emotional, you’re feeling cramps creeping in. It’s that time of the month. The crimson tide has come upon us. The red sea is parting through us, Aunt Flow has come to town, the volcano is erupting, you’re paying the monthly bill…we could go on forever with these period idioms, but you get the point. Though we can’t avoid it, here are my favorite period essentials to use to make your period week as chill as possible.


To flow freely: Thinx Underwear

period essentials

Let it flow in these undies that can hold up to 2 tampons worth of your oozies. You can wash them and rewear month to month. I’m sold on them. Pop them on and then you don’t have to worry about your period!


To skip the tampon run: LOLA Subscription Box

period essentials lola subscription box

For $10, you get 18 organic tampons (or pads) delivered to your front door, monthly or every 2 months. Never shop awkwardly for tampons again, or just never get up again. 🙂


To cool the cramps: Ibuprofen

period essentials

Forever our friend. When I feel the sharp pains of cramps coming on, I pop a couple and it helps those pain subside quickly.


To chill the emotions: Moody Bird Vitamins by HUM

period essentials hum moody bird vitamins period health

These pills are organic and have been clinically researched. 92% of users reported that it reduced PMS. Maybe no more random outbursts of tears, period acne, or mood swings up the ying yang.


To make the time go by as the pain remains: Chick Flicks

period essentials failure to launch gif

I have personally compiled my favorite romance movies that most people don’t talk about, so you’ve got some good flicks to keep you company for the moments you just need to lie down.



When you need that quick chocolate fix: Wholesome Medley: Dark Chocolate Mix

period essentials

I was on a Target run feeling the cramps kicking in and the mega need for some chocolate. I pulled out this snack with dark chocolate, lightly roasted salted peanuts, almonds and cashews, dried tart cranberries and dried cherries and it instantly curbed the craving and made me feel much more put together.


When you need something sweet: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip G2G Bar

period essentials

Peanut butter chocolate chip goodness that is the best and healthiest bar you’ll eat? I always rave about these bars because they are the best. They were basically all I ate my freshman year of college. They just soothe my soul and sugar cravings without feeling guilty.


When you need something warm & salty: Sweet Potato Fries

period essentials

You just want cuddles and warm things, so munch on some sweet potato fries. Make sure to portion control and pair it with Fry Sauce (a mixture of ketchup + mayonnaise) and you’re gold. You can try soups too.

Always have a good period. Period.


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