great in the eyes of someone.

{top-vintage Ralph Lauren, skirt-vintage, booties-Steve Madden, earrings-handmade by my almost sis-in-law}
I’m no perfectly accessorized fashion blogger. I don’t pose perfectly. I don’t have a thousand dollar camera. I don’t have a designer filled closet. I don’t have forty sponsors. I am a fifteen year old girl who just lives life. And smiles and takes pictures. And that’s it. And I sometimes I forget, that being just me is ok.

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  1. You look gorgeous, girl! I love that top. I think as bloggers – especially bloggers of the fashion variety – it's easy to get swept in monetizing and the overall idea of blogging perfection. That's when we give our perspective a classy little kick in the rear and remind ourselves why we started blogging in the first place: our love of fashion!

  2. Being yourself is absolutely important! I love what you wrote and the way you styled your outfit. I still have yet to mix prints but it seems really fun!