guess what? olive juice

Pink Rose maxi dress, African sandals, gifted peace necklace, Mexican dolphin ring.
This dress is extremely long. It’s insane! And I’m 5’10. But I loved it cause I felt like a goddess, so I had to. It definitely shows off my curves. I got so many looks from people at the mall. People just don’t wear stuff like this here. See, that’s why I’m finding my style cause I used to be jeans and a tee gal. And sorry for the lack of location. I’m changing it up soon.

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  1. I truly think it looks amazing, I'm almost a foot shorter (4'11'') and I just look lost in a maxi dress, lol. Keep on wearing things that make you smile even if people around you don't understand, haha it's quite fun leaving them looking perplexed, lol.