The Hard Truth About Your Fitness Resolutions

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Getting fit isn’t easy. After years of telling myself I’d get that enviable body, I had to come to grips with hard-to-hear truths. And I think you need to hear them too.

So we’re a few weeks in to the new year, and by now you either:
A) Haven’t started on any of your resolutions
B) Have tried a couple and have failed
C) Have started some and you’re still trying to keep strong with them
D) Have given up on life altogether

This is the sad truth of fitness resolutions, and all resolutions in general. The fresh feeling of “new year new me” is in the air and you feel like you can do anything. But then that high wears off and you feel like you can’t do jack squat. You can still do anything, it’s just that your motivation or your excitement has dropped. First off, that’s okay and completely normal. We can’t stay excited 24/7. It’s all an ebb and flow. It’s how to handle that that takes some skill. That’s why I’m sharing how to fix what’s lacking in making your fitness goals coming true.


 and here’s how you can fix those problems. 💪



You’ll only get there if you have a detailed plan. You can’t fly by the seat of your pants hoping that you’ll get a booty that won’t quit. Nope. You’ve gotta have a plan on how you’ll get there.


Plan every little last detail:

  1. How often you’ll work out
  2. What days of the week you’ll work out
  3. What each work out will be
  4. Where you will go to work out
  5. What time you will go
  6. What you will wear
  7. What you will eat
  8. What your sweet treats will be

To fail to plan is to plan to fail. Write it out and stick to it.


Find someone that will be real with you and call you out on your BS. Who will not let you shortcut. I would not be in any kind of shape if it wasn’t for my guy getting my butt to the gym everyday. Now that it’s been a month, I’m starting to not dread it and I’m the one saying, “let’s go!”

How can you stay accountable?

  • Set a reminder in your phone when you’re supposed to go so you can check it off.
  • Enlist a friend to text you everyday asking if you went to the gym. (Or just ask me to! I’ll text or email you everyday)
  • Better yet, have a friend that goes to the gym with you.
  • Invest in yourself and your health and hire a personal trainer. You can find people near you with good pricing that can even travel to you using Thumbtack.



😴 You will not wake up with motivation, you have to create it. I’ve been reading The One Thing and it’s taught me so much about willpower. We have to use our own energy to create willpower. Sometimes it takes a lot, but it is so worth it to push through.

How to get and stay motivated:

  • Use a playlist to get you pumped to work out. Here’s one that I just created that makes me feel like a freakin boss.
  • Get some pre-workout. It adds some excitement to ya and pumps you up.
  • Find your inner strength when the bed is too warm, the weather is too cold, and you’re exhausted. You’ll have to reach deep within you and say to yourself, “I can do this.”



Why are you wanting to do this? Write it down and remind yourself, because, trust me, you will forget when your sweating and out of breath and want to give up.

A few reasons why you want to workout:

  • To fit in that dress you used to
  • To feel amazing on the beach
  • To feel strong and healthy
  • To further your career
  • To prove to yourself you can
  • To be a freaking beast
  • To invest in yourself and your health

I was having one of the most intense leg day workouts ever. I was shaking, out of breath, and about to cry because I couldn’t take it anymore. My man, DJ, looked at me after I took a rest. And said, “Are you okay?” There were tears in my eyes and I just wanted to crumble and say I couldn’t go any further. But I swallowed the lump in my throat, reminded myself I could do anything I set my mind to, took a shaky breath, and did my next round. I remembered my why in that moment. And I feel stronger because of it.


Just cause you ate good for a week doesn’t mean you’ll be 10 pounds lighter. (Wouldn’t it be nice though?) Just because you can’t walk the next day doesn’t mean you’ll have a booty that won’t quit. They say good things take time. And aren’t you a good thing? 😉

This leads me to my next point…


You might not see many changes in just a few weeks, but if you remain consistent and envision your goal, you’ll get there in time. I’ve seen my shoulders transform and they look so strong! My booty is starting to shape and get lifted, and it ain’t seen any kinda lift its entire life! It’s so exciting to see progress. It just takes time. Hold out 3 months.

How to hold out:

  • Take pictures. Check yo self out.
  • Celebrate the small changes every week.
  • Clap for yourself every time you make a healthy choice or make it to the gym.
  • Check the scale every so often.
  • Notice how you feel after working out and eating well.
  • Instead of tracking weight or how you look, track how your endurance goes up, how you can lift more pounds. It’s exciting to see those changes in your strength.

So, is it worth it?

In the beginning, it won’t seem like it is. But trust me, push through. You’ll start seeing the tiny changes. The scale will go down a bit. You’ll look in the mirror and be like, “Dang girlll.” Then you’ll start realizing how much you love going to the gym because you feel like a freakin boss. You’ll be able to add more pounds on when you lift, go faster when you sprint, go farther without needing a break. Get there. I know you can because I can (and I’m not athletic at all). I was falling on the floor wheezing only after my warmup in the beginning, thinking my weak lungs were going to die. But my guy made me get back up and keep going. And even though every moment isn’t fun, it’s so worth it in the end.

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you need some help or accountability! I’ve got you!


MY GYM ESSENTIALS:  Blender Bottle (pictured) // Pre-Workout // Protein

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