Here’s the LAST Thing You Should Be Doing This Week

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As you prep for each week and each day, going over your schedule and filling up your to-do list with tasks and errands that need to get done, it is easy to start feeling overwhelmed. How is everything going to get done? Will there ever be an end to the endless check boxes that need to be filled? Maybe your heart starts beating a little bit faster or your stomach gets in knots because you’ve got a lot on your plate.

It’s easy to get like this. To feel the pressure of what you want to accomplish suddenly become so heavy.


But there’s one thing you can take off your list. The last thing you should be doing.


Worrying that everything will go wrong. That you won’t make the right decisions. Or that you won’t have enough time. Worrying what people will think of you. That everything won’t get done.

You can just fall into a never-ending hole like Alice in Wonderland if you think that way. So stop.

If you’re focusing on what could go wrong, don’t you think that things are actually more likely to go wrong?

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Change Your Mindset

I listened to this podcast yesterday by Dr. Shannon Irvine that shared what holds us back. She said that if we focus on the present and focus on all of our problems, our brain will keep on adding more. It will keep adding tasks to the to-do list, it will keep on helping us fall short because that’s what’s on our mind.

Why not instead focus on the possibilities? Think of success. Imagine that it’s already yours. Then your brain will keep on giving you the things you think of. It really is so simple, but just not how we have been taught to think!

If you’re questioning yourself saying, “Why am I always failing?” what do you think your brain will want to do? Create more opportunities for failure. So, instead, ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make [insert your goal here] be successful?” “What do I need to do to make money from it?” Turn your questions around and ask yourself how you can make it happen. Your brain will start looking for ways because your focus is on growth and success rather than failure. I’d highly recommend listening to the entire podcast to get a full synopsis on this thought pattern.

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If we make a conscious choice to shift our thinking from the problems to the possibilities, from our worries to the wonderful things that could go right, life will get easier. Our brain will help us out and create more possibilities, more successes, more good things because we’re focusing on those good things.

Today, promise yourself you’ll stop looking for 99 problems and start looking for 99 blessings. Stop worrying. Change your mindset and make your life work for you, not against you.

Hakuna matata. It means no worries.


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