Here’s the Motivation You Need to Get to the Gym

Here’s how to get motivated to go to the gym from a girl that a year ago couldn’t ever get in the doors. I maybe worked out in my room once every two months. Now I’m the girl that goes 4-6 times a week. The girl that gets asked what I do because I look “so fit.” So unbelievable to me! Wanna know the secret? Here’s what changed it for me.

How to Find Motivation to Go to the Gym

Peep a motivation board (see mine on Pinterest)

Get a killer workout playlist that will motivate you through the most difficult parts (when you want to give up)

Drink pre-workout

I use this drink you can pick up at the store, or you can use powders and put them in water. They all work and they all rev you up for a workout. I thought it was a gymrat guy thing, but I started drink pre-workout and on days that I am dragging, this amps me up and helps me have all of the energy for my workout.

Get some gorgeous workout clothes that make you feel and look great

If I don’t feel like I look amazing at the gym, then I’ll be self-conscious and won’t perform the best. Here are my favorite workout gears under $50. Make sure to lay them out the night before, so you’ve got no excuses. My favorite places to shop for inexpensive activewear are: Forever 21, Cotton On, Senita, Pretty Little Thing.

Have a plan

It’s easy to stay at home because you don’t even know what you’re going to do when you get there! Purchase a guide like the Bikini Body Guide, Body By Gilles, or get an app that Blake Lively’s trainer created. I’ve used them all and have had success with them. I am 75% more motivated to go to the gym when I have it plan. You have a schedule and you know what you’re doing. So get a plan together. (Here’s a free workout that I’ve done for years.)

Find your why

Why do you want to go to the gym? Really. To look good? To feel like a boss? Find your why because there will be moments where you will have only excuses for why you shouldn’t go to the gym. That’s where you’ll have to pull your reason(s) why you’re doing this to get you there.

Myth: You have to have superior energy when you work out.

False. You don’t. You just have to tell your mind you can.

MOST OF ALL: You just have to do it.

You will have to learn how to access and control your willpower. Sheer willpower for when you’re tired, hurting, and you just want ice cream – that’s been me mannyy a night. I’ve worked all day, I’m hungry, my body is sore from other workouts, and I just want to relax and get some hot fudge sundaes. But I went. That’s me following through on my promises to myself. That’s me being consistent. Actually following through on something for once in my life has been the most amazing and rewarding thing ever.

So try it. What if you just did it, and kept doing it and saw it through? What if you gave yourself the gift of consistency and persistence?

The average people will let their excuses run them.

The people who get places will run their excuses out the door.

Who will you be?


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