How to Allow Yourself to Take Up Space

allow yourself to take up spaceWhat if you just walked into a room and owned it? What if you allowed yourself to be radiant and be the glorious person you know you’re meant to be? Or what if you could just be you and have no apologies about it? What if you could stand your ground and stand up for yourself? Tell me, what if you allowed yourself to take up the space you deserve instead of shrinking away into a corner? Don’t all these sound like amazing things? You deserve to have it all and more. Here’s how to allow yourself to take up space in your life, in your career, and in the rooms you want to be in.


How to Allow Yourself to Take Up Space


  1. Put your shoulders back.

    Stand tall. No slouching. No keeping to yourself in the corner. This is where those power stances come in and you claim your space, wherever you may be.

  2. Remind yourself that you belong here.

    Your presence here on this earth is not accidental, so don’t allow yourself to be sheepish about your place any longer. If you’re in the room, you belong there. If you’re trying to get into the room, tell yourself you belong there.

  3. Talk slower.

    No need to rush through your words. What you have to say is important, and shouldn’t be hurried along. Say what you want to say slowly with confidence. Own it.

  4. Stop saying sorry.

    Don’t apologize for taking up someone’s time. Don’t apologize for little mess-ups. You’re human, and you aren’t perfect. You don’t need to apologize for that.

  5. Speak up & speak out.

    Your voice should be heard. Whatever passion you have, let it be known. Whatever your opinion, speak up and tell the world about it. When someone is doing something inappropriate, share that so the problem can be fixed. The thing that will move you forward in owning your space, are hard conversations. Though scary to think about, they will catapult you to where you belong.

  6. Prioritize yourself.

    Why are you putting everyone’s needs above your own? What are you telling the universe and everyone else by doing that? That you think you don’t matter. Heck yes you do matter. Start putting your needs at the top of the list. Start asking for what you deserve, and stop lighting yourself on fire just to keep people warm. When was the last time you took care of your needs?

No one needs to give you permission to be the amazing person you are, except yourself. Work on these steps where you feel you’re falling short. Once you work on these, you’ll be getting further in your career and in your relationships because you are your own person, owning the space you create.

allow yourself to take up space
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