How to Make the Best Use of Your Time

How do we make the best use of our time when there just isn’t enough of it? It definitely takes practice, but it’s really about being intentional and simplifying our process. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we can’t create our empire in a day. Here’s my process for time management. It will help you to efficiently get to your goals and breathe easier.

time management unique women watch

time management unique women watch


  1. Identify your priorities (pick no more than 3)
    • Narrow down what really is most important to you. You can only focus on so much, so be intentional with what is most vital to your happiness, livelihood, and energy.
    • Is it your career, your new pursuit, relationships, working out?
  2. Set a main focus for each day
    • What is the ONE thing you need to focus on and accomplish that will bring you closer to your goals?
    • Picking one is so hard but you will get so much more done and you will know what is the most important thing for the day, no questions asked.
  3. Schedule your day
    • Allow for flexibility because things are always changing
    • Do things you want to do
    • Maintain your focus and priorities amidst the busy chaos
  4. Allow for downtime
    • It’s not realistic or good for you to be constantly going going going. I’ve tried it and my body didn’t like it. Schedule in resting time where you can relax and reflect.
  5. Watch yourself
    • It’s easy to get carried away or distracted, so keep track of your time. You could get an app, but I’m old fashioned and use my unique Jord watch to keep myself in check.
    • Set an amount of time for everything you do. When time’s up, you move on. This allows you to push yourself and keep distractions at bay.

time management unique women watch

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time management unique women watch

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