How to Be a Better Problem Solver

How to Be a Better Problem Solver prettylittlething ruched dressSolving problems is kinda my thing. Maybe from a life of things not working out? Haha. I have had a lot of things go wrong in my life, so I’ve learned to be very adaptable and quickly solve the problem instead of sitting there stuck. Many friends seek me out when they have a problem and my friend mentioned to me that I am a super solver, so I thought I’d share how to be a better problem solver.


Problem Solving 101: How to Be a Better Problem Solver

Keep calm and carry on!

I’m always remain pretty calm in a stressful situation. Like when I was in China a couple weeks ago, and we were probably going to miss our flight because we were stuck in mega traffic. Others were freaking out, but I was chill because I knew I couldn’t control it, and my freaking out wouldn’t change the situation. I’ve seen people close to me spaz out when little things go awry, and it doesn’t make the situation better. It makes it worse. So I stay calm, and get thinking. This is how the situation will turn around the fastest.

Now that you’re calm, assess the situation head on.

What went wrong? List what can you control. What can you do differently? What is your goal? You should be curious, not forcing an answer. Be almost whimsical. This allows your creativity to flow. Ideas will pop into your brain of how you can turn the situation around. 

Seek help.

There are people all around you that might have gone through a similar situation. Even if it’s on social media or texting someone, ask for someone’s advice. People love to share their expertise, and they might be able to see the missing piece that you can’t.

“Okay, how about….this?”

Open your mind to possibilities. There isn’t just one way for something to be done. You can go into any clothing store and find something you’ll like. You can find compromises within any tragedy. Be a little flexible and open minded.

Be willing to jump in and try the next thing.

Give it a go, tweak what you’re doing. And if doesn’t work? Try something else. Failure is not black and white. It is gray. Only you define whether or not you have failed. And like Thomas Edison said, he found 101 ways not to make the light bulb. Mistakes lead to success. Failures teach you, so it’s not for nothing. Learn from what went wrong so you can do it better this next time

You can solve any problem that comes your way. Just believe that you are bigger than your problems.

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