How to Define Your Style

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A friend of mine recently asked me for style advice. She was asking because she wants to figure out what her “style” is. And immediately, I told her that you shouldn’t put yourself in a style box. Your style shouldn’t be described in one word, because one word can’t describe all of the different facets of you. Sometimes I feel bohemian. Other days I am feeling preppy or feminine or modern.

I realized a few years ago that I just wanted to box myself as a “bohemian” style. But then, I literally felt like I couldn’t wear anything out of that bohemian realm. I decided to screw labeling my style and instead just wear what I want and make it me. Because I’m a mix of a million things. I’m inspired by the city but also by backroads. I love a good oversized look and then I dig a structured and fitted look. And all of that is okay.

So yes, define your style and what you like, but do not box yourself in by a label. That being said, here is how to define your style without a label. These steps will be a great guide if you feel lost on what to wear or figuring out what you like.

How to Define Your Style

    1. Create a Pinterest mood board of styles that inspire you.

      define your style pinterest mood board

    2. What do you see when you look at your mood board?

      What colors do you see? Which styles repeat? Prints and patterns? What words come to mind? Classic, feminine, grunge, edgy, earthy? Write out answers to all of these questions to put into words what it is that you like. These things don’t define your style completely. They just make up what you like at this moment.

      whites, greens, blues, blacks.

    3. Out of what is on your mood board, look at what isn’t in your closet that you could see as a need.

      Time to shop for a few pieces! Check out my article on places to shop under $50 to find some good, affordable finds that will complete your closet.

      For example, in my mood board above, I see a lot of Levi’s-style mom jeans, white blouses, and wrap dresses. I don’t have those in my closet, so that’s what I’ll go shopping for.

    4. Frequently consult your mood board for inspiration.

      Print out some images from your mood board or keep some close at hand so if you feel lost on what to wear or how to style, you can always look to your mood board for answers.





    5. Continue to seek inspiration everywhere.

      Whether it’s on Instagram or a girl walking down the street, be inspired and look for ways to be more creative.

      Inspiration is all around us.

    6. Style evolves, so give yourself permission to let your style change as you grow and change.

      My style has changed lately, and I felt like I was becoming a different person. What I realized is that I am shaping myself into a different person, as I take on different jobs, move to different places, work out more, I am changing. And that means my style will and likes will change too.


    7. Most of all, wear what you feel amazing in!

      I’ve worn some funky stuff (see here) and I’ve gotten weird looks galore, but I felt confident in my outfits, and that is what matters.

      Own your style and be you, not a carbon copy of celebrities.

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