How to Easily Transition Your Closet from Winter to Spring

transition your closet from winter to spring

I started pulling out my spring/summer clothes and realized, it was time to not only transition my closet, but to detox it. I am too sentimental for my own good, plus know that trends always come back in style, so it’s always hard for me to let go of pieces! My oldest brother taught me something I will never forget: “If it isn’t a hell yes, then it’s a no.” Simplifying isn’t easy, but it gets much more black and white when you look at it that way. Here’s my 4 steps to transition your closet to spring and detox in the process!


How to Transition Your Closet to Spring


1. Bring out your spring/summer clothes.

It’s so nice to see them again! Dust of those pastels and linens, and let’s get to work.


2. Make “keep,” “toss,” and “maybe” piles.
  • For the winter clothes, if you haven’t worn them in the past 4-6 months, they should go. If you’re not reaching for it, then say bye bye.
  • For your spring clothes, if it’s outdated, super worn, or just not meshing with your style right now, toss it.
  • Again, if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s gotta go.

Make some money and sell your “toss” items through Poshmark, Facebook, or just on Instagram. You never know what people might like. For the items nobody wants, take them to Plato’s Closet and get a few extra bucks out of it.


3. Pack up your winter layers and darker-colored clothing.

Hasta la vista! By this time of year, I’m not sad to say goodbye to these clothes. I’m ready for light and airy! Anything that is warm, holly jolly, or fuzzy should go in the winter section. You can keep out the lighter layers like cardigans for cool nights.

  • Put your winter clothes in suitcases or bins that can go in your closet or under your bed.
  • If you’re really low on space, get some vacuum-sealed bags to store your winter clothes.
  • Pack your shoes separately in individual bins or put them all in one bag.


4. Hang up your spring clothing & take notes.

Hang and fold away. Yay! You’re a cleaning machine. Now check and see what is missing in your closet. Maybe a few essentials, like a classic white tee, a sundress, everyday sandals, or a new straw bag.

I always have my spring essentials that stay from year to year, but sometimes you need to update or grab a few trendy items. Take note of this. I did, and I’m listing what’s missing from my closet below!

My Spring 2018 Updates


I hope this helps you as you spring clean! It’s so refreshing to get stuff out of there and simplify!



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