How to Get Out of Your Head & Let Yourself Be Amazing

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I have been hearing a lot on the topic of anxiety lately. As someone who previously, seriously struggled with it, I feel I can be an ally in this topic while still seeing an outsider perspective now that I don’t have much anxiety anymore.

Anxiety is a hard boat to stay afloat in. Everyone feels anxious because we are human. We are fearful, we get nervous, we psych ourselves out, and most of all we care so deeply, that we start to turn everyday moments into panics. We feel this need to be perfect and put together, and when we’re not there (and we won’t ever get there), we begin a spiral of anxiety and negative self-talk.

But I’m not really here to talk about anxiety. Read my previous article on it and how I overcame it here.

What I am here to share is how to get out of your head (and anxiety is about being in your head) and let yourself be the amazing person you were meant to be.

Here’s what getting in our heads does for us:
  • We come up with excuses and justifications as to why we shouldn’t take leaps or why we’re not worthy of something
  • We create worst-case scenarios in our heads instead of believing the best will happen
  • It seems we can always find a way to talk ourselves out of just about anything
  • There isn’t 100% follow through on our pursuits because we fear we aren’t worthy of success

So it sounds like being in our heads isn’t doing us any good, huh? How do we get out of our heads and become the best, most radiant version of ourselves?

Here’s what you should do to get out of your head and get awesome
  1. Get yourself present.

    If you’re living in the moment, than you’re not worrying about what could happen in the future or regretting mistakes from the past. Be here in this moment, and show up without a doubt on your mind.

  2. Eliminate your fears by embracing them.

    Seems counterintuitive, but the quicker your embrace your fears and insecurities, the quicker they can fade away.

  3. Walk yourself through situations that scare you.

    If the worst thing was to happen to you, would you still be able to live another day? Yes, you would.

  4. Shake off “what other people will think.”

    You don’t even know what people will think. And you know what? If they do think terrible things, what does it really matter in the end? I had people related to me that hardcore judged me for a decision I made. That hurt and I hated being around them when I knew what they thought. But I had to embrace my decisions and my life choices and stop trying to fit a mold just to make people happy.

  5. Own your stuff.

    That’s right. Embrace your weirdness, your quirks, your imperfections, that little pudge on your stomach. Really, who the heck cares?! Stop taking yourself so seriously and love yourself the way you are. You’ll stand taller, talk louder, and you will not be trampled on. No sir, you will be beauty and grace, and most of all you will be you.

Stop worrying and just let yourself be the amazing you. We’ve been waiting for her.


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