How to Get Wavy Goddess Hair in Less Than 20 Minutes

bed head wave artist review

Looking for a wavy, just got off the beach, woke-up-like-this hairstyle that doesn’t take tons of technique or time and requires no wave in your hair? Look no further.

I dig minimal effort and low maintenance. When I’m looking for a well-formed wave that lasts me days on days, I seek my friend, the Bed Head Wave Artist. It’s only $18 on Amazon and has changed my hair game. I did my hair with it in the dark (yes, the dark) the other day to see if I could do it, and still have it look okay, and the proof is in these pictures. And these pictures were taken on day 3 of the hair, still goin’ strong. 💪

People always compliment me on how it looks and ask if it’s naturally that way. With my long hair, it takes about 20 minutes, and then I’m set for the next 3 or 4 days. Give it a shot. No regrets.

bed head wave artist hair results
flower girl portrait beach wavy hair
look up at the sky wavy hair
flowers in your hair beach hair
stop and smell the roses wavy hair
bohemain beach hair
beach waves bed head wave artist

And now, a moody soliloquy by yours truly.

What was more wild, her thoughts or her eyes?
The world couldn’t decide.
She wanted to sway like the branches of the trees and be free.
But she also longed to be held captive by a lover’s embrace.
She wanted escape: a journey of discovery that never ended.
But she needed solidarity and something to count on.
Nature is where she felt most at home.
Vulnerable. Raw. Real.
Where she could see the world, but the world couldn’t see her.
She couldn’t be captured, that girl.
She couldn’t fit in a box.
She was just she.

Living. Loving. Lost.


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Wavy hair created using the Bed Head Wave Artist. This is not a sponsored post. Merely sharing tips with the world.

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