How to Manifest Your Dreams (And Make It Fun)

How to Manifest Your Dreams (And Make It Fun) black stripe dressI’ve been working a lot this past month on changing my mindset, manifesting my goals, and believing I am worthy of what I want. It’s a lot of work, but it has been so good for me. I’ve been thinking about the cool things I’ve manifested thus far in my life, and it’s made me so much more confident, knowing that even more can come to me if I just ask for it. I’m going to share some cool things I’ve manifested and then exactly what you need to do to manifest your dreams!

Some Cool Things I’ve Manifested

a romantic date out of a movie in New York City

Before I went to New York in December, I was in my room daydreaming about it. I was just talking out loud and asked the universe if I could go on a date while I was there. Nothing too extravagant, just a date with a gorgeous guy, walking around New York City late at night and exploring.

WHAT DO YOU KNOW, my family and I headed to this fancy restaurant I picked out, and the waiter was so handsome that everyone was elbowing me and kicking me under the table. After everyone had pleasantly embarrassed me by pointing out to him, I was single, and after we had a “moment” when he handed me my salad, I wrote my number on our check as we left.

This guy was straight from a men’s cologne ad, so I thought there was no chance whatsoever he would text me. But WHAT DO YOU KNOW, that night I get a text from him. Fast forward to the next night, and we head out on a date. There we were, exploring New York City late at night. After checking out a couple places, we headed into this pub and ordered nachos and pizza while we talked. This was seriously straight out of a movie, and exactly what I had envisioned. I literally pinched myself because it did not seem real.

Winning a contest to speak with a celebrity

I usually have a pretty strong intuition. One thing I always somehow know is when I’m going to win something. When I was 12, an ad popped up online to enter a contest to talk on the phone with Emily Osment (from Hannah Montana). I entered the contest and after I hit submit, I just knew, “I’m going to win this.” And I did!

It was so fun and nerve-wracking to be on the phone with a celebrity and ask her whatever I want. Looking back, I should have asked industry questions, but I think I asked more things like, “What’s your favorite food?”

Knowing I’m going to win things has happened about 10 other times. It’s kinda freaky, but a cool little gift.

My cottage

For 2018, my vision board featured a white cottage. About a year ago, I was driving on this road in my town that I had never been on before. It was long and windy, and felt like it was right out of a dream. It reminded me of roads in my hometown in Tennessee. As I drove along the road, I said, “I’m going to live here. This is where I want to live.”

Fast forward to last October when I was very ready to move into my own place. I browsed the local classifieds, and found this cute white cottage with a steal of a price. I went to check it out, and I realized it was on that same road and it had a green door (my absolute favorite color).

The timing of finding the house, the location of it, how similar it looked to my vision board, how perfect the price was for me, it seriously worked out just right. I’m so thankful for my little cottage. It has been my sanctuary.

How to Manifest Your Dreams (And Make It Fun) mckenzie trumanA guy asking me out in person for once

This story makes me laugh because I was 18 and thought my biggest problem was that a guy hadn’t asked me out in person. Haha, oh my, if I could go back!

I had just broken up with a guy the day before and I was ready to get back into the dating scene. 😛 This was when Tinder had first started, so my only dates post-high school had been from Tinder. I was ready for a guy to come up to me in person and ask me out. So, there I sat on BYU campus on a bench, eating kettle corn, talking out loud to God asking him if a guy could ask me out in person for once.

After my convo with God, I picked up my things and headed to the library to study. Before I walked into the library, this thought came to my head, “Coincidences don’t happen.” Thought it was strange, but let it go. I walked into the library and held the door open for the guy behind me. He said thank you, and then stopped me to ask what doTERRA was. (My backpack said doTERRA on it. My family is a part of doTERRA and had given it to me.) I turned around to find this very handsome guy and I answered his question. We continued to talk for another 5 minutes, and then he said we should go to lunch sometime, and handed me his number.

Talk about asking and receiving within 5 minutes!

Securing my biggest sponsorship yet

In January, I was ready to take my Instagram and blog to the next level. I started setting goals, one of them being I would make $600 from sponsorships for January. Now, I had made a few $50-or-less sponsorships before, so this was a big leap for me. The day I made that goal, I had a brand reach out to me and offer me $600 for a sponsorship. Uh…I kinda freaked out!

The Takeaway

All of this goes to say that I am thankful for all of these really cool experiences. I don’t say them to brag (even though that guy in New York is completely brag-worthy 😉 ) but to share that if we ask and put out what we want, it can seriously come to us! I’ve realized what hasn’t come to me are the things I’m unclear on. If I’m murky about what my goals are, they don’t happen. Why? Because I don’t have a clear vision.How to Manifest Your Dreams (And Make It Fun) teddy coat

How to Manifest Your Dreams

  1. Be so clear on what it is that you want.

    So clear that you can taste it. Notice how I said $600 for sponsorships? That was a random number that felt right. But I was clear on it, and it happened!

  2. Put it out there.

    For me, putting it out there means me talking out loud about it. Then creating the scenario. Allow yourself to daydream. Create the vision of it and feel excited about it.

  3. Let it go.

    Put it out there, be excited for it to come, and then stop worrying about how it will happen. All of these above situations, I asked for it and then just went about my day. Some I even forgot that I had asked for them! That’s how much weight I didn’t put on it.

This is so fun to share with you and is making me excited to get clear on more things that I want to bring into my life. I hope you’ll get clear and start manifesting some amazing things!

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