How to Pose for Pictures in Front of Big Crowds

How to Pose for Pictures in Front of Big Crowds waterfall cuale mexico naked wardrobe swimsuitBy popular demand, I’m sharing how I can model in front of big crowds and look unfazed. I’ve modeled in front of crowds up to a couple hundred people at a time. Not runway! I’m talking going to a location outdoors, at a tourist attraction, on the side of the street, or in front of a wall, and people are watching you. And you’ve got to deliver, even though they’re watching.

For example, in the waterfall picture above, there were actually about 5 people behind me that we photoshopped out, 10 people to the side of me, and about 45 people watching me from a restaurant right above us. The water was freezing and I felt a million eyes on me, but I knew I had to get this shot. So moody face came out and we produced some awesome shots!

How to Pose for Pictures in Front of Big Crowds ray ban knockoffs banana bread puerto vallarta portrait
I was facing a high traffic street, so about 75 taxi drivers and pedestrians were passing each minute.
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How to Pose for Pictures in Front of Big Crowds pretty little thing ruched rust dress girasol sur puerto vallarta style
This was at a restaurant. People were eating right below the stairs and to the left of me.
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How to Pose for Pictures in Front of Big Crowds

  1. Have a vision.

    Think of the face and poses you want to make. Envision exactly how you want your photos to turn out. Focus on that.

  2. Decide what you care more about: people judging you or getting a killer photo?

    You’ll probably never see any of the people again, so does it really matter? Do it for the gram, do it for you, and let go of whatever they’re thinking!

  3. Embrace the anxious feeling.

    Yeah, it’s kinda nerve-wracking for people to stare you down, and honk as they drive by. You know how everyone slows down to see what happened at a car crash site? They’re curious. They’re doing the same thing for you. They looking cause you look good!

  4. Get in your zone.

    Girl, if they gon watch, give them a show! Own the fact that you are where you are, taking an amazing photo and you don’t feel bad about it! There is no shame, so work it!

  5. Laugh it off.

    Just have fun! C’est la vie, right? It’s just life! So live it and let go and take the epic picture.

  6. Practice.

    I’ve been modeling for years and so I am pretty used to people watching me as I shoot. But, I still get a little frazzled sometimes! It ain’t no thang though! Once you do it a few times, you’re like, “Yeah, no problem. Let’s get the shot. Imma do me and they can watch if they want.”

I hope these tips give you the courage to get out there in very public places and get some amazing shots! The only thing standing in your way is you!


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