How to Pull Yourself Out of a Rut

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Are you stuck in a never-ending loop where things just aren’t going great? You’ve tried to move past it, but you keep waking up every morning to the same thing, like the Groundhog Day movie? Life is full of experiences that cause us to lull, lag behind, and loop until we find a way out.  At this point, you’ve probably already tried different ways of changing your situation: denying there is a problem, waiting for something to change on its own, having faith it will all work out eventually, blaming external factors, trying a method that failed, etcetera etcetera. It can be so frustrating staying in a rut when you just want to get out of it! I’ve been there many times, and that’s why I’m sharing how to pull yourself out of a rut.

Not all of these methods will work for you, but I wanted to display the entire list so that you could choose a few to try. Don’t quickly disregard the options, either. We often have blind spots to what really is keeping us stuck. Carefully consider each option and start trying to turn it all around and leave your rut. Let’s get into it and help you get out of this rut!

How to Pull Yourself Out of a Rut

1. Discover what you’re doing in your life that doesn’t feel aligned with who you want to be.

This starts by taking a good look in the mirror and asking yourself some questions like you’re a job interviewer. “Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?” “What are your top priorities in your life?” “Describe who you are and what your values are.” “What do you know you don’t want to happen in your life?” “What has been a major weakness for you?” Crack open your journal or Notes App and make a list, getting really specific and clear on what you want, and what you don’t want.

2. Take note of what isn’t working. Learn from it and shift.

After you’ve gotten specific on who you are and what you want your life to look like, write down where you currently are in your life. What isn’t adding up? Are there aspects of your life that are draining you or wasting your time? What could possibly be keeping you in a loop? What changes could you implement that could catapult you from where you are now into the life you’re wanting? Once you realize what pieces of your life aren’t getting you to where you want to be, learn why and choose how you’re going to change them.

3. Travel somewhere for a change in perspective.

This one is a fun one to try! Take a road trip with a friend, or hop on a cheap flight out of your city. Leaving your town for even just a day or two can give immense perspective on your life. By removing yourself from your same-old-same-old, you can see the forest for the trees, and begin to recognize your priorities, where things aren’t lining up in your life, and what things need to change. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times I took a trip, gained some major clarity, and then came home and transformed my life.

4. Change who you’re around.

It’s so important to be around people who lift you up, who listen, who want the best for you, who want to help you change and be happy. We can often be surrounded by people who drag us down, project their insecurities onto us, or are self-seeking. Maybe it’s time to remove yourself from those people. What are they bringing to your life? Being around helpful, uplifting, kind, passionate people could be a game changer to removing yourself from your rut.

5. Change your job.

Maybe it’s not bringing in enough money. Maybe it’s sucking the life out of you. It’s possible you liked it originally, and now you want to do something completely different. Maybe the culture is a drag. Whatever the reason, if your job isn’t working, allow yourself to admit: It’s just not working. Work on developing an idea of what you want next, and, as you keep your job, assertively look for other opportunities.

6. Change where you live.

It could be the city you live in or just your specific living space. Maybe you don’t jive with the energy in your town. It’s possible the people you live with, or the fact that you live alone, or the vibe of your house isn’t working for you. It’s not selfish or wrong to want to be in a different environment. In fact, living in a place that is just right for you can shift everything. Maybe you want a lot of natural light, nearby green space, wooden floors, cleaner roommates that you love being around. Only you know exactly what you want. It could shift your mood and your day-to-day experience. Your home should be your sanctuary, not a source of anxiety.

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7. Seek a mentor.

Talk things out with a friend, with a therapist, a life coach, or someone whose actually been through what you’ve been through. Having support during a rut is more important than you think. Other people can point out different things to try that you may have never thought of. Lean into seeking help. It’s okay to need support! That’s human.

8. Get rid of clutter.

Clean your space and declutter. This can instantly make you feel lighter. Living in a mess with too much stuff can block your happiness, creativity, and self-esteem. Get rid of anything that you haven’t used for a long time, and anything that’s not a hell-yes-I-need-this! Plus, you can sell some of the items to Plato’s Closet or on Facebook Marketplace, and make some extra cash. Something as simple as a freshly cleaned space can motivate you and move you out of a funk.

9. Try a different method of working through your problem(s).

Maybe you’ve tried complaining to your friends. What if you tried journaling instead? There, you can find thought patterns and things you can work on changing. Or, you can seek a therapist or coach who can help you from a third-person point of view. You could also enroll in an online course or watch videos of how other people have gotten out of your specific situation. If one method isn’t working, keep pivoting until you find something that is helping.

10. Move, dance, go outside.

I know we hear this all of the time, but it definitely works. Moving your body produces literal momentum, and your brain can’t help but feel better. Go breathe some fresh air on a walk outside. It’ll get you out of your head. Dance to music you love. It will change your attitude. Move your body and break a sweat. You’ll get out some negative feelings and stop thinking about your problems for a bit. Listen to my playlist on getting back up again for some inspiration or my playlist on feeling alive and free!

11. Work on changing your mindset.

Your mindset could be seriously holding you back from moving forward. Are you seeing the picture clearly? Maybe you’re seeing things in a negative light, or you have all-or-nothing thinking. You can work on changing your mindset and have more positivity using two different methods that have helped me immensely (and don’t require you to talk to anyone): Joyable and EFT tapping. Joyable is an online CBT program that helps you retrain your thought patterns and lessen anxiety. With EFT tapping, you tap on meridian points on your body while releasing old ways of thinking. It produces fast results, and instantly releases stress. Both of these methods take just a few minutes a day. You can find free tapping videos on YouTube or on The Tapping Solution App.

If you’re in a rut, it’s most likely because you haven’t learned the lesson you need to learn yet.

This is your opportunity to recognize the systems in your life that are outdated. It’s time to change things, shift into a different gear, and work hard at transforming your life for the better. Getting out of a rut doesn’t happen in one day, but it can happen in a matter of weeks if you’re willing to really take a look at your life and adjust some things about it.

This is your moment to move forward into a better phase of your life! No one is going to come save you or make it better for you, but you have full power and control to transform and grow. And that’s pretty amazing!

Please reach out if you need any support during this time. I’m here to help you get out of your rut.


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