How to Take Amazing Photos with Just a Tripod & Remote

How to Take Amazing Photos with Just a Tripod & Remote nasty gal dress

People are busy but we gotta get pictures taken. The solution? A tripod and a bluetooth remote. For less than $30 you can have your own personal photographer at any time. Here’s a few tips to have amazing photos from just your tripod. *All photos in this post were taken using my tripod and remote on my iPhone XS Max in Portrait mode.

How to Take Amazing Photos with Just a Tripod & Remote

  1. Order the tripod & remote. This is the one I personally use.

  2. Set up the bluetooth remote to sync to your phone or camera.

  3. Find a picturesque spot with good lighting.

    -Your backyard
    -In front of wall
    -Close to a window inside

  4. Set up the tripod and take a few test shots to check that your framing is correct.

    Do you want just a close-up portrait? Or full body? Make sure the tripod is far away or close enough to capture what you want.

  5. Snap away.

    Try out tons of different poses, consult some inspiration, grab a prop, and just go until you capture the perfect picture. Sometimes it takes 50 shots just to get one good one.
    How to Take Amazing Photos with Just a Tripod & Remote iphone camera roll

  6. Look over them and change anything as needed.

  7. Choose your favorites.

  8. Edit them to really make them sparkle.

    I use the Tezza app on my phone to edit all of my photos and it instantly makes them look way cooler.

I’ve used a tripod without a remote before, but having the remote makes all of the difference. You don’t have to set the self-timer and run into position and hope for the best. You can snap away with that little remote in your hand until you feel satisfied with what you’ve got. Each picture you see on this post, I have a remote in my hand. If you’re crafty, it’s really easy to have it go unnoticed in your picture with how you position your hands.

I hope this gives you the confidence to stop waiting around for a photographer to be available and just take your own pictures. It’s really fun and gets your creative juices flowing!

*In case you’re wondering, here’s the link to the gorgeous dress I’m wearing.

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