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First Photo Shoot: Outfit #3

I must say, I love my legs in this picture.
This instantly reminded me of Alice In Wonderland when she eats one of the things that say “Eat Me!” I hope someday in my life, a box of those will show up at my door. I would jump for joy.
photos by Jim Oberman
(dress (looks like a top)-Ross, skirt-Target, shoes-Juicy Couture, bangle-Charming Charley, necklace-gifted, ring-Mexico)
I am utterly shocked by the feedback I’ve gotten! You guys are so sweet! This last outfit I was just playing dress up and tried this. And I liked that the bottom of the black dress came out from underneath the skirt to add more texture. I felt like a dancer or a ballerina in this. These outfits are just me. By the last outfit, as you can see, my hair got messy. Thanks again for your sweet comments! I’m going to need to do photo shoots and outfit posts more often. 🙂 I will get back to you on your comments as soon as I can. I’m in Arizona at the moment..shopping!

See me dressed up in a shoot similar to this in 2016!


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  1. I think your hair looks great!

    And what a fun outfit! That skirt is fantastic. I've tried layering skirts over dresses and so far I have yet to find the right combo. You look adorable! It makes me want to keep trying!

  2. This set is my favorite of the bunch! I'm loving the way you layer pieces. It was a dress over a tee in the first set and now a skirt over a dress. Genius. And you should love your legs in that shot…work it!! xx

  3. Third photoshoot and I am so proud of you, you are improving like a flash!!!!

    nice photos dear…and I really love it when you smile, there is something in your smile that brightens up everything in you!!!!

    take care always love and just enjoy taking photos, don't take it too seriously…have fun.

    Love the entire outfit!!!

    take care gorgeous!