i go for looks i can’t achieve.

Modishly Mod Dress (worn as a top scrunched up): Won from Threadsence for their Lookbook Song Contest
Jeans: Hollister
Elephant Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Topshop

I was so ecstatic when I got an email that I had won Threadsence’s contest! I picked the song, Anchor/Insufflation by Zee Avi. I definitely felt it had lookbook video potential. And I guess they did too. So, I got this lovely dress for winning. Liz from Late Afternoon is doing the video. She has the same dress and is wearing it here. She looks awesome in it! I definitely will be wearing the dress again soon, I just need to find the right tights/leggings to wear it with for the cold weather. That is why I scrunched it up and wore it with skinny jeans. (It looks weird in the pictures for some reason. It looked better than that.)

 Miss Liz. Yeah, she looks 10,000 times better.

Thanks Threadsence!

Now, I slightly hate these pictures..actually more than slightly. Have you ever taken pictures and imagined that they’d come out awesome and all editorial-y? That’s how I view it. I have a vision, but it obviously doesn’t translate..Excuse the bad images.

Repeat after me.


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  1. awww gorgeous it looks perfect on you…

    you did an amazing job with the skinnies by the way…but I can't wait for you to rock it with killer wedges….


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