i had it coming or so they said.

(cardigan-american eagle, top-courtesy of Trixxi, skirt-made by friend, shoes-candies)
These photos do this outfit no justice.  Makes me mad. My brother took them of me and didn’t want to do it anywhere else than my deck. The shadows and everything just mess it up! I love the top that I got from Trixxi! It’s very soft and I love the pleating on it! Also, the skirt I used about four years ago when I was in the Belmont Children Choir. We had these awful outfits we wore. The skirt was on my hips not my waist! Very unflattering, but that was sixth grade and not now, so it’s all good. I never knew what I was going to do with it, but now that calf-length skirts are in, it works perfectly! I love my new shoes. They are one of the girliest shoes I have.
I wore this to church today. I sang with this guy in my show choir. It was cool.

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  1. Those shoes are the cutest thing ever! Well, almost. You're cuter. But for shoes, they're adorable. These photos are darling, and I love the whole outfit to pieces. That cardi looks absurdly comfortable. Want!

  2. I love those shoes!

    Hey! I don't think you've seen yet that you won the Apple of My Eye Locket at SHE. Check the post out and then email me asap 🙂


  3. I LOVE, LOVE those shoes! I have a thing for shoes and these are leopard print, pink, with a bow and girly! Can I ask where you got them? Glad I followed your blog link in your email, this is Gabbie from Cinderbella's 🙂