I Intend to Be Independently So Blue

{dress-ross, shoes-bcbg girls, bag-h&m}
I rarely wear jewelry and it makes me mad. I barely have any to work with. But one of these days I will go and buy just jewelry, nothing else. {yeah, right}
These shoes make me feel totally 80s/90s. 
Last night, I had a sleepover with some girls from my church. And I totally wish I would’ve have taken some pictures! I’m the oldest out of all of them {which is odd, cause I’ve always been the youngest until now}. So weird. Most of them are in middle school! And I’m going to be a junior. We ate pizza, made s’mores with this little fire pit my mother and I put together, told scary stories, ate & ate, played Apples to Apples {which I won}, painted nails with my insane collection of nail polish, and watched one of my top favorite movies, Phantom of the Opera. I’m not one to cry very much. I’m not very sappy, but I always cry at the end of Phantom. It is the most tragic story. I would’ve gone with the Phantom. Way more attractive. Way more sexy. Love his little lair. The summer of when I was 11 {totally wrong way to say that}, I discovered Phantom with my cousin. We watched it ten times a day, at least. That’s when I realized I was a high soprano. My oh my, I love that movie.
What is one of your top faves, and why?

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  1. Aww, look at how darling you look! I love the dress and the shoes make it even more perfect.

    Your sleep over sounded like so much fun! I love the game Apples to Apples! I hope they make another version sometime with all new cards.

    The Phantom of the Opera is so good! I first saw the play in LA and was so happy when they decided to make a movie! I think I would've chose the Phantom myself even though that may have not been the best decision. Ha!

  2. Wow you have a very special and not so ordinary look. I love your bone structure. I adore your outfit. I love the combination and you are one of the most stylish bloggers i have seen.good luck with you.