Here’s my life as of late in {mostly} iPhone pictures.
I post some things on Instagram that never make an official post here, so I want to share them with you! I have little stories behind each of my pictures + shoppable images under most of these pictures to get the exact or similar steals!

I was so excited to find this killer suede hat at a thrift store. Can’t wait to have a cowgirl shoot! Then this ASOS jumpsuit..I died when I got it. It’s 70s glory.

Lace? Check. Maxi? Check. Modest? Check. I think most of my teenage life I’ve been looking for a modest lace maxi dress and when I found this one at Target, I was ecstatic! As the temps rise, this kind of look is my go-to outfit. {The exact one is below, the black dress. It will show up in cream, black, and teal.} 
I performed at Gatsby Night at BYU with my friend in mid-April. It was the best night to get all dressed up and sing my favorite genre, Jazz, with one of my best friends. This dress was supposed to be the winner, but didn’t come in time! 🙁 It was so nice I felt I definitely should keep it for future shindigs. 
This Free People top I’ve worn in a couple of outfit posts recently. It kind of goes with everything and is so airy. I love it with these teal tapestry pants. They’re comfy pants that look all cute but are still casual.
I’m wishing I could get a new bouquet of flowers all the time! My mom has always loved flowers and I never really got it until this spring. She gave the the green thumb! Also, this is my favorite of all my bags from Patricia Nash Designs. It’s my Mary Poppins bag. I never fail to get a compliment on it whenever I go out.
I feel so girly in this dress.
Even though I’m in front of the camera a lot, I love being behind it as well. I love this shot I snapped of my friend {technically my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law} at the docks last week. We sometimes take pictures for each other.
My guitar I received many Christmases ago with a missing string. I snapped this hoping it would inspire me to restring it and start playing again.
A cute maxi and my favorite cargo jacket that goes with literally everything.
Lilacs & Lace. A cute combo.
Floppy hat + floral blouse + wide leg jeans = 70s Vibes
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Have a great Monday!

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