it’s a special date. we should celebrate.

(cardigan-my mom’s, dress-my mom’s vintage, shoes-spring court, button-be my valentine)
Late Valentine’s post! This is what I wore to school on February the 14th. I knew I had to be in the spirit of things for Vday, so I looked through my mother’s closet and found this awesome dress! Then, paired it with sneakers to make it not too dressy for school. I love this dress! I just love polka dots period. They are wholesome and fun. 
So, tell me what happened on your Valentine’s. 
Cupid was playing tricks on me.

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  1. Aw, you look adorable! I love polka dots so much. And yeah, I shop in my mom's closet more often than I should probably admit, hah. She actually has some of my grandmother's and great-grandmothers suits and dresses and I really want to wear them someday but they're about a size or so too small, I think. Gaudy pretty sequined vintage dresses are totally appropriate incentive to lose weight, right? I mean, they're so practical and everything…

    P.S. I love how you paired the dress with sneakers, it gives it such a whimsical vibe. So cute!