How I Lost 7 Pounds in a Week Juicing

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Two summers back, I did a juice cleanse for a week with Juicemaster called  7lbs in 7 Days. They have a lovely app that you can choose which cleanse works for you, ranging from 1-21 days. I did the juice fast {or as I like to call it, juice feast because you’re filling your body with the best stuff and staying super full} for 7 days. I lost 7 pounds in those 7 days, as promised. It’s all very healthy, packed with fruits and veggies. Best part is that I never had to hold my nose or get grossed out drinking the juices. They are all super yummy, and all have fruit in them.


For a while, I’ve wanted to do the juice feast again and when I was wanting to drop a few pounds before heading back to Tennessee, I thought it was perfect to do it this past week. I did it for 6 days this time around {just because I ran out of time to do more before leaving}. With a busy schedule, it was definitely trying at times to fit all of the juices in. They tasted even yummier than before and I loved shedding some pounds. I lost 6 pounds in the 6 days I did the juice feast.
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What I love about the app is that it’s right there for you 24/7 to answer questions, grab your grocery lists, and provides the recipes, along with a schedule of when to eat them.
After ending the cleanse, I was quite scared of putting back on the weight. Being on the juice cleanse really helped me to realize how eating super healthy made me feel amazing! I want to make my eating habits better. So even though it’s not really practical to juice 24/7, I now have desire and motivation to make healthier choices 80% of the time. {Because I’ve still gotta have my cake and eat it too. 😉 } I haven’t been perfect though, especially as I’ve been traveling. But that’s okay. A big lesson I’ve had to learn, is that being skinny doesn’t make me cooler, or more worthy of people’s love. Being me is all that I need to be. And that’s the same for you. Being healthy is important, for sure, but realizing that obsessing over your weight or the way you look is not what we’re put here on the earth to do. There are so many other important things. You are valued, no matter the number on the scale or the measurement of your waist.
Have you ever tried juicing before?

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  1. The saying "You Are What You Eat" is so true. It's truly amazing how whatever we put in our bodies can truly affect us. I'm glad the juicing has inspired you to start eating better 🙂