Lacey Sunday

{dress-Steinmart, necklace-Charlotte Russe, bag-ShopRuche, wedges-Jean Michel Cazabat}
You see those spots on my legs? Those are my 30+ mosquito bites that I’ve received while traveling and having impromptu photo shoots in grassy areas. Beautiful.
So I started a juice feast {fast} 5 days ago. I’ve lost 5 pounds so far. I feel like you can definitely tell in these pictures. Just a few pounds can make you feel a lot more confident. I would recommend it! Nothing has tasted bad at all, it’s really yummy and you do stay full! No starvation whatsoever!
I’m packing up for my last week in this beautiful place. The humidity is lightening up and it is just beautiful!

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  1. Aww, you look so pretty! I love pretty much anything with lace. So what is this juice fast that you did?

    P.S. Following you on Bloglovin' 🙂