Learning to Love Your Body The Way It Is

love your body the way it is

In a society where fake overrules authenticity and pretty is better than personality, it is quite difficult to believe you are more than what your body portrays. Loving yourself isn’t an easy task. It takes rewiring your brain daily, and sometimes from moment to moment to give love to yourself instead of negativity. Here are my tips on how to love your body the way it is right now.


Daily Practice to Love Your Body the Way It Is

  1. Start the day with a conscious thought of love. The first thought in the morning is vital to how your day starts. It’s easy in the mornings to say, ugh, “I’m always late,” or “nothing looks good on me.” Instead, say, “Today, there are endless possibilities” or “Everything works for me” or “I am radiant.”
  2. Put on some uplifting tunes. The best way to set the tone for the day is putting on music. I created a playlist called “I Love Me” if you need some good confidence songs to get you going.
  3. Look at yourself how you would look at a loved one. When you see yourself in the mirror or in pictures throughout the day, look at the parts you love. That crooked smile. Your dimples. Your sparkling eyes. You don’t focus on your loved ones flaws, so why would you do that to yourself?
  4. Speak kind words to yourself throughout the day. You might immediately think yourself into negative spirals when something goes wrong or you didn’t perform perfectly. Erase those thoughts and send yourself some love with affirmations.
  5. Take care of yourself. Whatever that looks like for you, whether it’s working out, going for a walk, laying down for 10 minutes, eating healthy. Take yourself into consideration and make sure you and your needs are taken care of. Your confidence will grow when you do this.
  6. Let go of what you “should” be. You’re not supposed to look a certain way and you’re not supposed to be a certain person. You’re just supposed to be you. So let go of this perfect image in your mind and replace that image with who you are right now.


love your body the way it is
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My Story

I am a woman. W O M A N. I was made with child-bearing hips and am often asked how many children I have cause it looks like my body has already settled into that post-baby hippage. 😆 It’s been a weird struggle learning to love my big bone structure, but I now know that it’s out of my control and I can WORK IT instead of shaming myself.  I’m thankful for my broad shoulders, hips that don’t lie, and strong, tall body. I’m different, I’m not a size small and that’s just fine. Better than fine. It’s FANTASTIC.

I’m working everyday to feed my body healthy foods (and a few chocolates here and there) as well as exercising. Even though it’s a long process getting to my goal, I strive to love myself, flaws and all, right here today.



Learning to love your body the way it is is a process and a decision. Make that decision everyday.

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